Why interest rates went up in the Asian currency crisis and down in the Corona pandemic

In Indonesia, the spread of the new coronavirus has led to growing speculation of an economic slowdown, and Bank Indonesia, after cutting its policy rate from 4.5% to 4.25% in June, decided to cut it further to 4% on July 16, but in times of recession, the rate Lowering the price to make it easier for companies to borrow money and motivate them to invest in capital equipment is a common monetary policy of central banks to stimulate the economy.

Gordon Ramsey learns to make rendang in West Sumatra

Gordon James Ramsay OBE was originally He's the owner-chef of a three-star restaurant from Scotland, but I first learned about In 2005, Indonesian satellite broadcaster Indovision aired "Hell's It was when I was chief in the American version of Kitchen (Hell's Kitchen) and I was on the red team and the blue The young chefs, divided into teams, will prepare a dish based on a weekly challenge from Mr. Ramsey, and will be given a special The reality of cooking battles where the lowest-ranked person is eliminated after being judged by guests and viewers. 

E-Payment by Electronic Money in Indonesia

The first full-fledged smartphone dispatch app to be available in Indonesia was Uber, which expanded from the US in August 2014, followed by motorbike taxi GrabRide in November 2014, but it's still fresh in our minds that the home-grown GoJek app was launched in 2015 and quickly increased its visibility and market share with that shocking "10,000 rupiah for a ride anywhere" campaign.

A period of adjustment to the new normal in Jakarta

In Jakarta, the PSBB (Large Scale Social Restrictions) have been phased out in June, and about two months As if to vent the frustration that has built up during the self-restraint in the interim, last week's 21 Car Free Day (CFD, HBKB = Hari Bebas in Indonesian) resumed on Sunday. Jakarta citizens crowded into the Kendaraan Bermotor (Kendaraan Bermotor) in large numbers, and the crowd was so large Feeling threatened by the denseness by the Jakarta Provincial Government today, Sunday 28, from Thamrin Street Ban Car Free Day on Sudirman Street to 32 locations in the city so that the denseness is dispersed instead. The strategy was to establish a pedestrian zone.

A post-Corona, field-driven system – The Kanban Method and Scheduler [Production Management System 30-minute short webinar

Today's webinar is titled "A post-Corona, field-driven system" and I would like to propose an approach to production management after the corona epidemic that successfully combines the pull-type kanban system, which is good at adjusting production onsite, and the push-type scheduler, which issues production instructions based on demand.

What's going on in Meikarta now?

Tol Jakarta-Cikampek, 34km from Cibatu exit, turn left immediately If you follow the road, you can see the May Carta buildings under construction, circa 2016. A construction project named Orange County began and A sign announcing the construction of a Japanese kindergarten and a Japanese school with capital participation from Mitsubishi Corporation The name was changed to Meikarta before I knew it, and then The sale of apartment units began to develop with great fanfare in the malls of Jakarta and Cikarang.

The current construction status of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway

In 2015, China and Japan engaged in a battle for orders, and the introduction of the Japanese bullet train system, using yen loans While it was seen as a certainty, the Indonesian government flipped out at China's proposal of zero financial burden. The Japanese proposal was kicked down, but the Japanese proposal was submitted to the Indonesian side It is rumored that the same construction specifications that were submitted by China have been submitted by a Chinese company. The Japanese feel that they have lost their footing in the negotiations with the Indonesian government, and there is no small amount of resentment against the Indonesian government. I remember hearing

Lion Air resumes domestic flights.

Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air, the three Lion Air Group airlines - Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air, which resumed operations on June 1 but were suspended on June 4 due to a number of deficiencies in passenger health certificates - will resume operations from Domestic Terminal 2E at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport today, starting on June 10.

How big is Indonesia's car sales market?

In the period from January to March, before the implementation of the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) due to the corona pandemic, the total number of vehicles shipped from January to March stood at 260,804 units, down 15.9% compared to the same period last year, but in April, after the implementation of the PSBB, the total number of vehicles shipped was 7,871 units, down 90.7% compared to the same month last year, and the target number of vehicles shipped in 2020 was lowered from 1.08 million to 600,000.

Water quality suitable for fish breeding in Indonesia

Pasar Ikan Sumenep in Menteng, Pasar Ikan Ex Kartini and Pasar Hewan Jatinegara Animal Market in Jatinegara are famous places to buy ornamental fish in Jakarta, but Jatinegara Animal Market is not good in terms of sanitation and security, and Kartini Market is a narrow street called Jl. Gunung Sahari 7A and there is a risk of contact with cars and motorcycles.

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