Brand Strategy of McDonald's Indonesia【Shifting from a location strategy to an emphasis on online ordering】

McDonald's, which has been adopting a brand strategy tailored to Indonesian lifestyles, has been forced to shift its business model from focusing on attracting purchasing power in stores to focusing on online ordering in response to the impact of restrictions on eating out due to the implementation of PSBB (Public Safety Board Border Security Bureau) restrictions following the spread of the new corona virus.

A change of heart in the midst of six months of corona pandemic【Preparing for the next recession to come】

As our IT business in Indonesia was affected by the coronation disaster, we reflected on the change of heart and mind in the past six months. Just as the experience of the Bali bombings and the recession caused by the Lehman Brothers' collapse helped us in our despair and groping in the dark, the experience of the corona disaster should prepare us for the next recession to come.

Monstera, which allows lucky light to pass through the slits and holes in the leaves【Corona pandemic causes the price of houseplants to rise】

Monstera is a vine plant in the taro family native to Central and South America, and it is said to allow the light of good fortune to pass through the slits and holes in its leaves. The language of flowers is extremely auspicious, such as "glad tidings", "grand plans" and "deep relationship", and it is popular in Indonesia as well, as it is said to bring good luck and money in feng shui.

Does the Omnibus Law allow foreigners to own apartments?【Attracting foreign direct investment through the Job Creation Act and tax reform】

The Omnibus Law has two main features: amendments to the Labor Law, which has been the biggest impediment to foreign direct investment in Indonesia, and support for business continuity by lowering corporate taxes. However, since Indonesian laws tend to be amended based on public reaction, it is unlikely that demand for apartment investment by foreigners can be expected to increase immediately.

Strategy and tactics in a situation where the future is uncertain【Backward and Forward Orientation】

In a business environment like Indonesia's, where laws and regulations change frequently and the balance of power can be shaken in an instant as latecomer rivals gain market share through the power of capital, the strategy in the big picture may be thought of as backward-oriented, but in a situation where the future development is uncertain, tactics must be formulated with a forward orientation.

Impact on commercial buildings as a result of the re-implemented PSBB (large scale social restrictions)【In-mall tenants or freestanding stores】

Jakarta's PSBB (Large Scale Social Restrictions) to prevent the spread of corona infection in Jakarta has caused the restaurant business to deteriorate. The difference is that commercial facility-type stores have high fixed costs to the extent that they can be expected to attract customers from the mall itself, while roadside stores have all the costs of attracting customers themselves, but the fixed costs are less expensive.

Indonesia's National Defense Issues【Civilian control through democratization from the dual functions of the national military】

In Indonesia, illegal fishing by Chinese fishing boats in the EEZ near the Natuna Islands has caused a border dispute with China. The Indonesian National Army, which defends the country, is based on the Indonesian Homeland Volunteer Force, which was founded by the Imperial Japanese Army, and became deeply involved in politics during the Sukarno regime, which played a central role in the War of Independence.

What kind of leadership is needed in an Indonesian organization?【Six blind men describe the elephant.】

There are different assessments of Jakarta's decision to cancel and re-enforce the transition period through PSBB (large scale social restriction) mitigation, but things are evaluated differently depending on how you look at it or think about it, and it is leadership that acknowledges the different assessments as correct and leads everyone to move towards a common goal.

Try to explain the difference between expense and cost by using an example of cooking Indomie with egg【The concept of work-in-progress as greater than the material and less than the product】

The cost was the amount of money it cost to purchase, expense is the difference between the cost of the product sold and the cost of the product produced. Incurred expense refer to the entire expense invested in making the product, which includes the expense that could not be cost, and less than the product, which is greater than the materials, is work in progress.

The Possibility of Online Houseplant Sales Business【Potential demand is high due to the urbanization of Indonesian life】

Houseplant cultivation is booming among Indonesians who have been spending more time at home due to the corona crisis. The Indonesian government is working to identify potential EC registered businesses through local infrastructure development and information literacy education, and local growers are using the EC to expand their sales channels.

ATM fraud in Indonesia【A tactic that takes advantage of the strength of your assumptions and lack of caution.】

It is thought that the ethnic characteristics of Indonesians with a high degree of sensitivity are a factor that makes them susceptible to hypnosis, and since the Japanese have a large personal space with their counterparts and greet them with a bow without a handshake, they are more cautious than curious if they are touched by a stranger, making it difficult for them to commit a hypnotic crime.

Understanding how it works means you can imagine how it works in the field.【Why bookkeeping knowledge is still useful in an IT world】

Will we need to spend more time understanding the nature of our business as IT becomes more advanced? To the question, "How do you think the world works?", I answer that it is beneficial in the sense that if you can understand the mechanics of business, you can imagine how the world works. If you understand bookkeeping, you can imagine the movement of goods, money, and cash, and you can also imagine the structure of the company's operations.

Jakarta's Infrastructure and Urban Development【Construction of the second MRT section begins.】

The second phase of the MRT subway construction has started in Jakarta, and with the relocation of the capital city in 2024, government facilities along the line, including the Presidential Palace, will be turned into a protected area and museum, and Jakarta may become a global tourist destination that pushes the historical charm of the city and allows visitors to experience the ongoing economic development through urban development.

Adequate inventory in the supply chain【The value of a general trading company as a logistics organizer】

By shifting from the agency business to a business model in which profits are commensurate with the added value in the entire supply chain from upstream to downstream, and developing a logistics strategy to optimize the entire supply chain, sogo shosha will contribute to consumer profits in the form of time savings and price reductions through economies of scale.

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