Business improvement by systematization in Indonesia



System development templates for business in Indonesia.

How systemize business flow in Indonesia?
In order to systemize business flow, it is important to implement system step by step with simple functions in Indonesia.

  • Implement system at low cost and short delivery time.
  • Systemize purchasing of consumables and spare parts.
  • Implement a interface system to connect with the current main system.
  • Implement sales support system using handy terminal.


By using business template Hana First, you can progress systemization step by step according to the on-site priority.

Systemaize step by step from the highest priority in the work flow

Benefits of systemization with Hana First

Hana First can be customized according to the any kinds of industries business flow.

  • Shorten the implementation period and reduce the man hour cost by using standard basic functions.
  • Customized based on on-site requirements and improvement.
  • No installation on client, quick remote support.

Hana First basic function

Hana First includes the basic functions and user screen in a series of business flows.

Purchase Management

Issue purchase order based on purchase request from each department, issue goods received note after received goods , and make a purchase return in case of defective.

Purchase request / Purchase Order / Purchase Receiving / Purchase Return

Sales Management

Input sales order and deliver goods, input sales return in case of defective goods.

Sales Order / Delivery Item / Delivery Return

Inventory Control

Move goods among warehouse, move goods out from warehouse, move goods into warehouse, change goods,  adjust theoretical quantity into physical quantity.

Inventory Transfer / Indirect GI / Inventory GR / Inventory Conversion / Inventory Stockopname

Production Control

Issue production order and input production result.

Production Order / Production Entry