How systemize business flow in Indonesia?

  • Implement system at low cost and short delivery time.
  • Systemize purchasing of consumables and spare parts.
  • Implement a interface system to connect with the current main system.
  • Implement sales support system using handy terminal.

By using business template Hana First, you can progress systemization step by step according to the on-site priority.

PT. Bahtera is a manufacturing systems development company based in West Bekasi.


  • Want to control the all process from order receipt to manufacturing and purchasing.
  • Want to use a system customized to fit own business.
  • Want to optimize the overall operation between departments or divisions to increase efficiency.

A company's business is determined by what it offers to the needs of the market, and how it interacts with its customers and suppliers, and how it relates to its internal staff determines the way it does business. With our HanaFirst business development template and Asprova scheduler, we will develop and implement a system that fits the way your company does business.


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