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Development of interface for production scheduler 【Master input, Actual result collection, Report output】

Here considering the subsystem of the production scheduler, there are three types of the interface developed for improving the usability, input interface that integrates the existing master and the additional master, result collection interface by the bar code scanner or handy terminal, and output interface for output such as production orders and availability forecast comparison tables. When proposing a production scheduler, it is more important how a customer can draw an operation story than a functional explanation, so the three interfaces are very effective in proposing an operation story at a manufacturing site in Indonesia.

How to use the production scheduler to prepare for production 【Partial optimization and global optimization】

The original purpose of the production scheduler is to prepare a detailed production plan and issue work instructions at the field level. In plants where demand fluctuation is small and stable, daily work instructions are issued by site judgment. However the fluctuation in demand becomes hard to predict, work instruction by the production scheduler is going to be effective.

Gross Average Method or Periodic Inventory Method【AUDIO RECORDING】

The difference between the Cost Of Goods Manufactured and the Cost Of Goods Sold is the difference between the cost of the finished product or the cost of the shipped product. It does not mean that the Cost Of Goods Sold is added by some thing any more cost on the Cost Of Goods Manufactured, so both unit cost will be same.

Indonesian Tax Rule【PPH is complicated in Indonesia’s tax system.】

Indonesia tax rule from the point of view of accounting system When implementing accounting system in Indonesia, we need some knowledge about Indonesian tax rule. Personal income tax (PPH21) related to payroll system. VAT (PPN) related to issuing invoice to customer or receiving invoice from supplier . Withholding service income tax (PPH23) related A/P entry […]

Difference between production order and KANBAN of planned production

The word “KANBAN” When visiting a Japanese trading company in Indonesia and a manufacturing company and hearing the business requirements for system implementation In most of this case KANBAN arrives from customers each day by e-mail, and this corresponds to the delivery order for the scheduled order received at the beginning of the month, but […]

Procedure to Get Working VISA in Indonesia

I have been to Singapore for 2 days to get a new working VISA, VITAS(Visa Tinggal Terbatas=Index 312) just before KITAS expired date at the end of last month. Before that I have got VISA Telex approval (VTT) which is necessary to be issued VITAS according to the timing of EPO (Exit Permit Only) of former KITAS.

Tax system for Indonesian e-commerce

Tax on Taxable Income to Small Business Owner In Indonesia as taxes on the taxable income to UMKM small business owners (Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah) with annual sales of 4.8 Miliyar or less, it is not such income tax (PPh 25 bulanan) , but it takes 1% for the external standard tax (Pro forma […]


Production Control

MRP, Manufacturing Result, KANBAN

Production Scheduler

Forward schedule and Backward schedule

Accounting System

Accrual-based and Cash-basised

Cost Calculation

Standard costing and Actual costing

Barcode Control

Scan barcode with handy terminal


Sophisticated websites with WordPress


The first purpose of systemizing business flow is to make data input more efficient and accurate, the next goal is to make effective use of information through visualization / sharing / systemization, and as a result, Information creates the company's competitiveness.

In order to realize this, first replace the minimum necessary work flow with the system and to start using system in a short time. This is the key of successful systemization for Japanese companies in Indonesia.

It is our core business to transform on-site efforts to the company's competitiveness by the power of the system. We need only two qualities to realize this. The first one is the communication ability to hear the requirements from on-site users, and the second one is the technical ability to make it into a system that makes it easy to use.

With the progress of AI technology (Artificial Intelligence), work flow has been automated and the method of systemization is changing, but we will take care these two qualities that will not change forever.


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