Visualization of manufacturing costs with mcframe


mcframe is an integrated package for production management, sales management, cost management, etc. It flexibly meets the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry and is a proven DX solution for core business operations used by many customers in Indonesia.

Do you have a correct understanding of the costs incurred at your Indonesian factory?

The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry in Indonesia has been changing rapidly since the Corona pandemic, and factories are increasingly required to accurately grasp costs and perform more multifaceted profit analysis.

  • Visualization of manufacturing costs by department, process, and expense item.
  • Determine operating income taking into account SG&A expenses.
  • Add revenue management axes to utilize revenue by product, country of shipment, and organization for sales strategies, etc.

Control costs incurred in the factory and calculate cost of sales and operating income

The cost of materials such as raw materials and sub-materials is calculated based on the weighted average method, and actual labor costs such as salaries and overtime for workers at the manufacturing site, utilities, and other expenses are allocated proportionally from the cost center to each item based on working hours and production volume to make the breakdown of manufacturing costs for products and work in process visible.

Costing according to objectives such as actual cost, standard cost, budgeted cost, etc., enables an accurate grasp of manufacturing costs and the determination of appropriate selling prices.

In addition, multi-axis elements (by product, department, market, and age) are added to the sales items to realize hierarchical profit management.

We can also develop an interface to obtain the necessary information for costing from existing core system or Excel manufacturing data and process it into a form that can be imported into mcframe.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your cost reduction activities and profit improvement through DX in Indonesia!