Production Scheduler

Features of process-based production planning【Manufacturing on an integrated line through tanks】



Assembly and process systems in the manufacturing process

The reason why many package systems are developed for the assembly line manufacturing process is because it is easier to standardize the work for the assembly line than for the process line, and in the case of the process line, which is difficult to standardize, some kind of customization is often done.

In the process-based manufacturing process, an integrated line is used, so that the work in one process and the work in the next process are carried out consecutively and there is no free time, much less time for other orders to work in between. In addition, in many cases, tanks are used in the process-based manufacturing process, and while waiting for the completion of the preparation process in the tank and the flow to the next process, no work is done in the process, but it is not necessary to allocate other orders to the tank until the contents of the tank have flowed.

  1. Maximum number of minutes between processes
    • After your own process, you need to start the next process within one hour to prevent fermentation and quality deterioration.
    • Do not allocate other orders between your process and the next process (no free time between processes).
  2. No other orders are assigned for a certain period of time after the completion of work in its own process.
    • After the work is completed, the tank is still occupied for three hours.
    • The next process starts and occupies the tank for 60 minutes.
    • The tank will be occupied until the next process is completed.
  3. I won't let you miss a day of work.

Do not allocate work of other orders between your process and the next process.

The Asprova production scheduler allows you to create a production plan that maximizes the utilization rate by allocating work of different orders during free time on the line, but it is also possible to create a plan that does not allow work of other orders to be interrupted in between the work of each process on an integrated line.

  • Turn on Enable overlap max in planning settings.
  • Set ES (End Start) as the production BOM overlap method.
  • The maximum overlap of the manufacturing BOM is set to 0.


No other orders are assigned for a certain period of time after the completion of work in its own process.

Production planning can be done to lock the work of other orders from being assigned to the end of your process until the start of the next process or until the end of the next process.

  • Turn on the resource lock in the plan settings.
  • Set "PE (Parent End)" for resource lock in the resource table.


I won't let you stagger your work day.

When liquids are produced on an integrated line from preparation to filling, a production plan must be developed to ensure that production time is not interrupted by day-to-day operation of each process.

  • For a 24-hour operation, the shift table should be set to 0:00-23:59 with a one-minute break.
  • Set the manufacturing interruption time MAX in the resource table to -1M.