Time machine business between Japan and Indonesia became difficult.【Reduced time lag by flattening information】

Time machine business I think that Yoshinoya overcame the frame of Japanese food and became Indonesian soul food. I am happy to see the scene where Japanese food culture is accepted by Indonesian people. Time machine business is now outdated words, but in short the business that utilize the time lag between developed countries and […]

Difference between production order and KANBAN of planned production

The word “KANBAN” When visiting a Japanese trading company in Indonesia and a manufacturing company and hearing the business requirements for system implementation [speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”staff_man.png” name=””] Our factory is running with kanban [/speech_bubble] In most of this case KANBAN arrives from customers each day by e-mail, and this corresponds to the delivery order […]

Tax system for Indonesian e-commerce

Tax on Taxable Income to Small Business Owner In Indonesia as taxes on the taxable income to UMKM small business owners (Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah) with annual sales of 4.8 Miliyar or less, it is not such income tax (PPh 25 bulanan) , but it takes 1% for the external standard tax (Pro forma […]

Categories of product cost

OK let's assume in this example that Morgana manufacturing company produces tables. Product cost, all product cost can be categorized into three subgroups, direct material DM, direct labor DL, manufacturing / factory overhead, I use both the terms because some text books use factory overhead, and some text books use manufacturing overhead.

Production Scheduler

1. Overview Greeting I am in charge of implementing Asprova that creates production schedule and purchase schedule at high speed, for much varieties of items which are going through multiple processes with different capacity, while integrating manufacturing orders, sales orders and inventory stock. It means that you can see your factory from the point of […]