Indonesian Coffee

Indonesian Coffee

Changes in Indonesia's Coffee Consumption Market【Separating the Times with the Sense of a Japanese Resident in Jakarta】


Indonesia's coffee cultivation has a long history of exporting to Europe during the colonial era. It was only in 2010, when nominal GDP per capita exceeded $3,000, that the demand for high quality coffee among Indonesians increased and began to be distributed domestically.


Indonesian Coffee

How many cups of coffee can I drink a day?


In Japan, American coffee is a diluted drip coffee divided by hot water, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been stunned when I ordered American coffee in Indonesia with the same taste.


Indonesian Coffee

Why is sour coffee not a favorite?


In Indonesia, nasi goreng and mee goreng are served with acar, a shredded pickled vegetable, and in Japan, just as curry is accompanied by fukujinzuke, it is universal that greasy foods go well with vinegar, which breaks down the oil.


Indonesian Coffee

KOPI LUWAK is one of the rarest coffees in Indonesia with a mellow aroma.


When you hear that a Luwak is a civet cat, it's easy to imagine a cat napping comfortably on coffee beans in the sunshine, but in reality, it's more like a rat with an evil face than a cat like this.

インドネシアの高品質コーヒーの代名詞マンデリン・トバ(Mandailing Toba)のコーヒー

Indonesian Coffee

Synonym of high quality coffee in Indonesia Mandailing Toba


Toba lake which coffee cherries before harvest is fresh It is the world’s largest caldera lake (lake made in the large depression made by the activity of the volcano) which is 100 km in width and 30 km in length and has twice the area of Lake Biwa.

コーヒーの味を直球ど真ん中で伝えるインドネシアのパプア・ワメナ(Papua Wamena)のコーヒー

Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia's Papua Wamena gives you a straightforward taste of coffee


In West Papua Province, coffee is grown in the mountainous Wamena region, which is inhabited by the indigenous Dani tribe, and is easy to drink with a rich, fragrant aroma and low acidity.


Indonesian Coffee

Coffee from Flores, near Comodo National Park


Between the provinces of Bali and West Papua are Nusa Tenggara Barat (abbreviated as NTB in West Nusa Tenggara) in Lombok and Sumbawa, and Nusa Tenggara Timur (abbreviated as NTT in East Nusa Tenggara) in Flores, Sumba and West Timor (Timor Barat).


Indonesian Coffee

Toraja coffee in Indonesia to enjoy the aroma of siphoning


Toraja means "people of the highlands" in the language of the Bugis people of Sulawesi Island, and Key Coffee of Japan established a plantation and refinery in the Uma district of Tanatraja province in the highlands and introduced it to Japan under the brand of Toaarco (TOraja ARabika COffee) Toraja coffee.

Indonesian Coffee

KINTAMANI Coffee in Bali, Indonesia, where coffee cultivation and tourism business are combined


Bali Kintamani coffee has a fruity taste like Aceh Gajo or Minang Sorok in Sumatra with a slightly spicy accent, making it easy to drink.


Indonesian Coffee

Coffee from Galunggung, where the rare Arabica species is cultivated in Java, Indonesia


As a feature of Garungun coffee, the unique aroma of the coffee is not strong, but you can feel the salty touch that sticks to the tongue, and you can feel a slight sourness at the end of drinking.


Indonesian Coffee

Lampung coffee from South Sumatra, which is the closest to Java in Indonesia


A two-hour ferry ride from the port of Merak to the port of Bakauheni in Lampung province, Krakatau, a stratovolcano (a cone-shaped volcano formed by multiple eruptions of lava and volcanic debris from a single crater) is located in the Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java.


Indonesian Coffee

It's not just Padang food that tastes good, Solok coffee in West Sumatra, Indonesia


A traditional Minangkabau (Minan and Padang) house, the Rumah Gadang style is characterized by its stilted building with a curved roof in the shape of a buffalo horn.


Indonesian Coffee

Mandelyn Linton's coffee, a Batak tribe with a fierce temper in Indonesia


Lintong Blue Batak is the highest grade of coffee grown by the Mandailing Batak in the Lintong Nihuta area south of Lake Toba, where the refining process has been improved.

インドネシアのご当地コーヒーの代表格アチェ・ガヨ(Aceh Gayo)

Indonesian Coffee

Aceh Gayo, the representative of local coffee in Indonesia


In Aceh Province, based on Sharia (Islamic) law, which is not recognized by domestic law, "immoral acts" such as unseemly heterosexual intercourse before marriage are punishable by flogging, while heinous crimes and homosexuality are punishable by stoning.


Indonesian Coffee

Enjoy specialty coffees from all over Indonesia


Located in the coffee belt between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Cancer, Indonesia is a country suitable for coffee cultivation, and during the 300 years of Dutch colonial rule that followed the advance of the East India Company in 1602, Arabica coffee was brought to the country and cultivation began in the plateau region with a favorable climate.


Indonesian Coffee

Aeropress coffee maker【Can brew delicious coffee for anyone, regardless of barista skills】


While manual brewing of single-origin coffee is becoming more and more popular in Jakarta's cafes, Indonesia, which has supported its economy by exporting primary products to developed countries, has been able to expand its middle class with economic growth. I am pleased to say that I am finally able to afford to taste quality coffee myself.


Indonesian Coffee

It's worth living in Indonesia just because you can get a good cup of coffee on the cheap


Manual brewing methods include Paper Drip, Syphon, Vitnam Drip, French Press, and Aeropress.


Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia's Starbucks has more promos than Japan


Time-limited services, such as flash sales and promotions, are generally effective for Indonesians, and breaking down the offerings into smaller pieces to ensure that they don't leave out every need is a common practice in the Indonesian service industry.


Indonesian Coffee

The three processes of roasting, grinding and straining coffee until it is brewed.


There are two types of grilling methods: the direct-fire grilling method to change the flavor, or the charcoal grilling method to grill it evenly and evenly, but the lighter the grill, the more sour it is, and the deeper the grill, the more bitter it is.


Indonesian Coffee

Coffee that is unique to Indonesia's land and climate


This is because Indonesia has a lot of land that meets the suitable conditions for coffee cultivation, which is located near the equator between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Cancer.

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