Development of interface for production scheduler 【Master input, Actual result collection, Report output】

Here considering the subsystem of the production scheduler, there are three types of the interface developed for improving the usability, input interface that integrates the existing master and the additional master, result collection interface by the bar code scanner or handy terminal, and output interface for output such as production orders and availability forecast comparison tables. When proposing a production scheduler, it is more important how a customer can draw an operation story than a functional explanation, so the three interfaces are very effective in proposing an operation story at a manufacturing site in Indonesia.

How to use the production scheduler to prepare for production 【Partial optimization and global optimization】

The original purpose of the production scheduler is to prepare a detailed production plan and issue work instructions at the field level. In plants where demand fluctuation is small and stable, daily work instructions are issued by site judgment. However the fluctuation in demand becomes hard to predict, work instruction by the production scheduler is going to be effective.