Using the word "wife" as a reason is effective in Indonesia



Buying an Avanza and appraising a used car

Last week, I paid the vehicle tax (Pajak Kendaraan Bermotor) attached to the STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan) vehicle certificate of my beloved Toyota Avanza for one year in the amount of Rp 262,000.

When I bought it in 2012, the price was 165 JUTA and the insurance company's estimate of the present value is 128 JUTA, but now a newer model of the same model has jumped to over 200 JUTA.

In Indonesia, STNK needs to be renewed along with the license plate (plat mobil) once every 5 years, and this year is the 5th year for my Avanza, which will be renewed in the middle of September next year.

As the lump sum course of Asuransi Astra's auto damage insurance "Garda Oto" expires at the end of this month, I thought about paying 4juta and extending the insurance for one year, but I decided to sell it and replace it with a new car at this time while the value of the 2012 Avanza model doesn't go down.

It's harder to convince the wife than the person himself.

Last Saturday I went to Auto2000 in Wisma Keiai to look at a new Toyota and asked a salesperson to sell it to Mobil88, a used car dealership in the same Astra group, and promptly a person from the used car dealership came today to assess the car.

It's the usual way to do it when you want to negotiate, because if you earn some money here, you can pay for insurance later on, etc.

  • Istri saya lagi nego sama temannya.
    My wife is doing a nego (sale) with a friend right now.
    Istri saya tidak setujuh harga segitu.
    At this price, my wife won't agree with me.

I said, "I'll discuss it with my wife and contact you later," and left without making an immediate decision.

A few hours later...

  • Saya mau, deal ya pak.
    We'll take that price (our price) and we'll have a deal, right?

In Indonesia, it is very effective to use your wife as an excuse to negotiate with a married man, because it is rare that your price will come through in every negotiation.

In Indonesia, the wife's intentions are respected more than in Japan, and she fully understands that if you are a married man, you cannot reason with your wife, and women are unpredictable (excuse me, ladies), so the negotiation technique of saying, "I have to talk to my wife about something..." is effective.

If you think about it, by using the wife as an excuse, the subject of the decision moves from you to the wife and is released from the responsibility, and the subject of the decision moves to the wife who is not there, the negotiator will feel like being grabbed by the air and lose the will to fight. It's like, "If your wife says it, it can't be helped.

Finally, it is 122juta and negotiation was concluded, but because the new car of Avanza 1.3L G Veloz of the purchase schedule does 221juta, when insurance is included, it becomes a carry-out of 100juta or more and is a terrible expenditure.

However, since the price of the Avanza is the most unlikely to fall at the moment, and it should be able to sell for 150-160 juta when it is sold in 4 years, it is leased for about 25 juta a year if you take into account the price increase rate of the car.