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Unspecified advertising and face-to-face promotional activities in Indonesia【A man's sales activities start from a negative perspective】


Ad reach and response rates to unspecified audiences

When you set up a sales or development center from Japan to Indonesia, you will probably start by setting up your own website, putting the URL on your business cards and email signature form, and directing people to your promotional articles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Then, after the company's establishment and your work visa procedures have been completed, you can start making phone calls to the top of the list of Japanese companies, or ask them to leave company brochures and product fliers at the counter of a Japanese restaurant in the industrial park.

On top of that, we will be posting press releases and paid advertisements in the Japanese language media Jaararuta Shimbun, registering on the Japanese Companies List published by JICA and Hello Indonesia, paying advertisements in free newspapers such as Lifenesia and plus 62, and sending e-mails to NNA (News Net ASIA) and Consider the most cost-effective combination of a number of paid advertisements, such as email ads in distributed media.

However, even if the advertisement successfully conveys the appeal of a service or product, if the media in which the advertisement is placed is not seen by the target customer, the cost-effectiveness of the advertisement will be reduced. It goes down.

The most commonly cited indicators of flyer response rates are remodeling and residential and supermarket numbers.

  1. Home remodeling flyer:0.02%
  2. House flyer:0.01%
  3. grocery store:1%

It depends on the type of service business, but in the case of a paid advertisement in a newspaper or free newspaper, the probability that a potential customer who would be interested in your service or product will see it is about 0.1% (1 in 1,000 times), even among the population with a high concentration of Japanese residents in the village. I'd say the odds of it coming are even more like 1 in 10.

The problem with online advertising on the company's newly launched website and social networking sites is that, prior to the response rate, they are overwhelmingly lacking in the ability to attract customers, so by placing paid advertisements on the existing famous media, they are able to buy the reach of customers and recover their advertising costs through the response rate.

In the end, referrals from people are the most cost effective.

In this way, even if you pay a high price for a paid advertisement, the response rate is not guaranteed, so if a day goes by without any inquiries from the advertisement, you will start to feel impatient and at the same time, you will start to feel suspicious of the advertisement medium, wondering if it is really effective.

This is not limited to Indonesia, but it's more likely to be "an introduction from a friend than 1,000 advertisements from an unspecified number of people.

Therefore, referral from your friends is the most efficient and cost effective way to get potential customers in Jakarta, whether it is daytime or nighttime. That's how business is done.

It's a bit of an absurdity that you can easily get one appointment from a friend that you don't know if you can get from 1,000 phone calls, but the fact that you can easily get one appointment from an acquaintance is a bit of an absurdity, but this is where I feel the limitations of faceless and unspecified advertising and online advertising, because the more the two-dimensional virtual world expands, the more your competitors At the same time, it's very difficult to tailor your ads to the way you gather information about your target potential customers, which inevitably leads to a drop in cost.

In the end, it's all about desperation.

Recently, the lady in charge of CIMB NIAGA Bank has been persistently contacting me by phone and WhatsApp to get me to move my current 5.5% annual interest rate fixed deposit to a financial product with a 3-year tenor of 7%.

I usually hang up on phone solicitations, but I happened to be after discussing a financial product at the office, so I couldn't help but go along with what they were saying and since then, they have been persistent.

  • I'll be in your office any time and we can talk about it face to face.
    I've been assigned to you and I really want to meet and greet you in person.
    If you can't make it this week, when are you going to have time?

To be honest, I was annoyed by the persistence, but on the other hand, I was at the point where I was at the point where I was inclined to say, "If you're going to go that far, let's at least listen to what you have to say.

On the other hand, the name of the bank, CIMB NIAGA, gives me a sense of security, and the cute voice of the older sister is also a factor, but it's true that when you are repeatedly asked to do something passionately

  • All right, all right, I'm listening.

I think the reason for this is because the person being approached knows firsthand how hard it is to do business with customers on a daily basis.

Girl power is not to be underestimated.

On a side note, unfortunately, she had made the painful mistake of setting her WhatsApp profile picture with her boyfriend.

Well, she was quite beautiful as her cute voice tickled men's minds on the phone, but as soon as I saw the picture of her boyfriend beside her, I lost interest in meeting her completely.

Probably because she hadn't been with us long enough to understand the psychology of male customers, or I'm a very cynical person myself, but even if I didn't have any ulterior motives at all, I can't blame her for that, because that's how males live from an animal behavioral point of view (prejudice). .

Conversely, in Japanese companies in Indonesia, where the expatriate employees are basically uncles, when a male salesperson approaches you, you start from a negative angle, saying, "I'm busy and I've been solicited again," but in the case of female salespeople, you can start from zero at worst, which is a great opportunity for women to play an active role. gender.

Recently, some male members of our development team have been complaining about the female programmer, saying that she's not ambitious enough to be a good match for the team, and there's been some unpleasantness in the team, but I've been trying to get her to relax during a hard meeting at the customer's office. Unfortunately, the bastards can't understand how much she has contributed to the

It is an undeniable fact that in the customer service business with uncles in Indonesia, female staff members contribute a lot to the girl power just by being there, and the starting line is different for men and women in the first place!