Indonesian Tax Law

Car Tax in Indonesia【There is no public vehicle inspection system and insurance is voluntary.】


How to calculate the car tax?

Indonesia's vehicle tax PKB (Pajak Kendaraan Bermotor) is an annual vehicle tax payable on the renewal of the vehicle certificate STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan) and the replacement of the number plate (pelat nomor kendaraan) once every five years and there is a car tax to be paid at the time of engine registration number check, and this time I paid the annual car tax at South Jakarta Traffic Police (Samsat Jakarta Selatan).

STNK extended at the South Jakarta Traffic Police Station, the
A temporary procedure area outside the building, not inside, to avoid three overcrowding.
1. Fill out the form
2. Submit the old STNK original & copy, KTP original & copy, and BPKB copy together.
3. Payment and receipt of receipts
PKB (vehicle tax)
SWDKLLJ (Traffic Accident Fund Mandatory Donation)
Receive the new STNK & KTP originals in exchange for a receipt

The following two things were paid for in the one-year STNK extension process from Oct. 10, 2020 to Oct. 10, 2021, and next year will be the sixth year, so the number plates will need to be replaced.

  • Automobile tax PKB(Pajak Kendaraan Bermotor):Rp.3,297,000
  • Payment of Traffic Accident Fund Obligations SWDKLLJ (Sumbangan Wajib Dana Kecelakaan Lalu Lintas Jalan):Rp.143,000

Total Rp.3,440,000

The car tax rate is 2% (for the first car) on the vehicle sale assessed value NJKB (Nilai Jual Kendaraan Bermotor), so the assessed value of my Avanza Veroz 2016 can be calculated by dividing it back by 2%.

Assessed value in 2020

  • Rp.3,297,000÷0.02=Rp.164,850,000

Assessed value in 2019

  • Rp.3,360,000÷0.02=Rp.168,000,000

You can see that this year's car valuation has fallen by only Rp.3,150,000 from last year's car tax payment of Rp.3,360,000, which was discounted by 2% last year.

This valuation is an amount in the police department's database and is determined by reference to the general market value for newer production vehicles and the general market value for the first week of December of the previous year, but in the absence of a general market value, such as for rare or older vehicles, the same cylinder or power unit It seems to be an overall decision based on the price of the vehicle equipped, the brand and the year of manufacture.

The Road Accident Fund Mandatory Donation SWDKLLJ will also be a flat Rp.143,000 for four-wheelers and Rp.32,000 for motorcycles.

Indonesia has no public vehicle inspection system.

If you own a car in Japan, you must purchase compulsory automobile liability insurance and undergo a biennial vehicle inspection and registration system set by the Ministry of Land.

Indonesia does not have a state-mandated vehicle inspection system, and insurance is a voluntary subscription to insurance services provided by private insurance companies.

I bought my car from an authorized Toyota dealer, AUTO2000, and I have regular service every 10,000km, and although AUTO2000 offers free service (jasa) up to 50,000km.

They also offer tire balancing (Spooring & Balancing) and cooler Services such as cleaning are optional and cost about Rp.200,000 each, so if you include oil changes and replacing a broken lamp, each regular service after 20,000km costs more than Rp.2,000,000 each time.

I've been rear-ended twice before, and once I fell asleep at the wheel and rear-ended someone.

The first time I was rear-ended, Asuransi Astra's "Garda Oto" automobile damage insurance policy had expired, so it cost me about Rp.7,000,000 to repair the car, but the other two times only cost me about Rp.300,000 because of the insurance coverage.

By the way, you don't need a garage certificate when you buy a car, so in a residential area that doesn't have a garage or a house at the end of a street so narrow that a car can't pass, you have to park on the side of the gutter and fold the side mirrors.

But of course, a lot of thefts occur at night, and the width of the remaining street is just barely wide enough to allow a car to pass. It is a bottleneck and contributes to the poor Jakarta traffic congestion.