Indonesian exorcism【Christian ritual that dispels Satan lurking in the mind in a sort of exorcism】


My cousin is possessed by Satan.

My cousin, who hadn't heard from me in a while, called me late last year in early December with tears in her eyes.

  • I'm possessed by Satan.

From then on, Satan stayed with her for three weeks, and after three exorcisms (pelepasan setan), he finally left her somewhere else.

Being an average Japanese person who is skeptical of this kind of story, I gave her the cold shoulder at first, saying "What are you talking about?", but when I saw that she was brilliant enough to study in Germany at the government's expense, and she was saying things that didn't make any sense to me, as if she was obsessed with something, I thought

  • There may be many more phenomena in the world that cannot be explained by science.

I began to think of things like that, and at the end of the day, I couldn't do anything about it, but we were fighting Satan together.

She was just coming back to Indonesia from Germany for a long vacation, and I couldn't take her back to Germany with Satan, so she was going to stay with me for a while at my apartment which has good access to the church.

It means living with a demon-possessed person.

I don't really understand the religious content of the story, but in summary, this is what it seems to be about.

  • Satan is present in everyone's heart, but unless the person himself approaches God, Satan will not come out either.
  • When we approach God as Christians, Satan comes out and comes to hinder us.

I remember that she was a Christian in name only, but she was very enthusiastic about reading the Bible and going to church in the last year or so, but I didn't think she would be possessed by the devil for that much.

I couldn't believe it, so I asked Satan, who was in her mind, if he could possess me as a Japanese person.

  • It does not haunt those who do not believe in God.

And he rejected me out of hand. I see.

If only Satan would just shut up and haunt her still.

  • Keckkkkkkkkkkk

And it's so annoying because it's making strange noises through her mouth and vocal cords.

Also, she herself is

  • What do you want, why did you latch on to me?

It was quite eerie to watch him talking to Satan.

At first I thought he was doing it on purpose, but it would be physically and mentally impossible for him to do that monkey mane for three weeks as a joke, and I myself felt the hardship of living under one roof for three weeks with a human being who was possessed by Satan.

This monkey, Satan, doesn't like hot and spicy food in general, so when I lit up the gas stove and showed him, he didn't like it.

  • Tidak mau, tidak mau(No, no.)

I don't know why he complains in Indonesian.

I tried to drive him out by feeding him sushi with wasabi and kimchi nabe every day, but he showed his disapproval, saying "Kekkekkekkekkeh," but he couldn't get out.

Exorcism at church.

We decided to leave this to the professionals, so we took them to the nearest church to have a Pelepasan setan (exorcism) done.

Speaking of exorcism, there's a famous horror movie called "The Exorcist" and I thought it was going to be a cool guy like Father Karas in that movie, but this time, the guy who was going to face off against Satan was a guy in a polo shirt who looked like a Pendoa (the guy who expels Satan while praying).

He holds her back and chants a spell.

  • Get out. Get out.

I don't know if it's a lack of power or what, but unfortunately it's a bust.

After the exorcism ended in failure, the guy at Pendoa told us that there are several types of churches, and since this church is a mild church and not suitable for exorcism, he introduced us to a hard-core martial arts church that is used to confronting Satan.

I visited that church later and was told by the staff at the reception desk.

  • You know, She have been possessed by Satan.

When I say this.

  • Okay, come on over.

The response was as thin as a mosquito bite, and we were ushered into the exorcism room as normal.

The professional exorcists here are a sister and her brothers, all around 30 years old, and all of them are experienced in fighting Satan.

She was shaking her body back and forth and crying out (scary).

After about 2 hours of fighting with Satan, I found out that it is not only a monkey that is attached to her, but also many other Satan's. Moreover, she has inherited Satan from her ancestors 4 generations ago.

And I had my second exorcism a week later. I fought with Satan for 5 hours from 11am to 4pm.

I was so hungry that I thought about going to a nearby MacDonald's to have lunch alone, but it was impossible because of the atmosphere... I was so tired... I was so hungry...

But this time I saw monkeys, dragons, tigers, lizards, old ladies...

When the devil mumbled something from her mouth at the end in an unfamiliar Javanese language, I had goosebumps.

Exorcism post-processing.

After the exorcism, Pendoa's sister instructed Solo's mother to make a phone call to her on the spot, and on the other end of the line, she followed Pendoa's sister's words and recited the incantation to break the chigurami of the past up to four generations.

A mother of almost 70 years old reciting Pendoa's incantation on the phone to save her daughter from being possessed by the devil is a scene that can only be seen in Indonesia, where the faith is strong.

At the end of the session, one of Pendoa's sisters said this.

  • You have a room in your solo family's house that is rarely opened, right? Break the mirror on the mirror stand there and incinerate Chris (the sword). Then tie the furniture around it with red thread.

I thought to myself, "No way," really happened.

Journey to Solo's in Central Java

At the end of last year, my wife, sister, and I went to my parents' house in Solo, and when we were shown the open room, we found a mirror stand and a wooden sword there, as the exorcism professional pointed out.

We took the mirror stand out to the backyard and smashed it with an iron rod and put the wooden sword in the fire for a few hours, but we couldn't burn the hard wood to ashes.

ソロで有名なNasih Gudeg Cekerのワルン

ソロで有名なNasih Gudeg Cekerのワルンにて

It's an amazing reason to come all the way back to Solo from Jakarta to smash the mirror stand at home, but her mother seemed to understand everything and even prepared an iron bar to smash the mirror and paper to burn the wooden sword in the fire.

There were some stories and events that were hard to accept from a Japanese perspective, but the idea that we all have a devil inside us and that it comes to the surface in some way or another is basically understandable, just because there is a religion behind it or not, and whether you believe in it or not, I think it is important to acknowledge that there are such ideas.

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