Life Lessons Learned from Plant Cultivation【The biggest cause of plant death is root rot from overwatering】



Why Miyamoto Musashi put down his sword and started farming

With the announcement of the extension of Jakarta's PSBB (Public Safety Board Border Border Security Bureau) until May 22, and the increasing possibility that Bekasi and Karawang provinces will follow suit, it looks like I'll be working from home for a while longer, but now is the time when I have plenty of time, and I'm rereading Eiji Yoshikawa's full-length novel "Miyamoto Musashi".

It is a famous story that Musashi defeated brothers Seijuro and Denshichiro of Yoshioka Kenpo and cut down not only his pupils but also the young Genjiro, who was a nominalist, in the "Ichinjoji Karimatsu no Duel", and made his name in the world.

Musashi's mind at the time when he started farming, although he had been thinking only about defeating others with the sword, his mind was inclined to defeat himself and win over his life, and he came to think that there was no reason why he couldn't make people live with the enlightenment he got from the sword as well as that.

In other words, they cleared the wasteland and barren land, dug out the drainage channels and cultivated the land as paddy fields, and in the process of resisting floods, they learned that humans are small beings that cannot resist nature.
By doing so, he aims at self-perfection through the abandonment of self-obsession and the pointlessness of clinging to one's own existence.
It also means to stabilize the security of the village and to make the villagers believe that they will leave their fields for their descendants.

It's a grand idea to beat people with a sword, to beat yourself, and to make people live even more, and I think this humble agricultural nonsense is an important description of why he was able to beat the absolute martial arts genius, Sasaki Kojiro, in the later Battle of Ganryu Island.

We have a lot to learn from growing plants.

When I work from home, I take care of my plants for a change of pace, but once I start mowing the lawn with a pair of pruning scissors, pulling weeds, changing pots, and pest control, there's no end to what I can do.

This may sound rather presumptuous, but just as Miyamoto Musashi raised his swordsmanship to a higher level by realizing his own helplessness in front of nature, in the same way, in my case, when I am confronted with plants, I am unconcerned, and when I think about it later, I get some hints for my life unexpectedly.

For example, many of the methods of growing plants don't work if you just put them into practice based on the information you've been researching on the internet.
The reason for this is that the temperature, the amount of sunlight, and the cultivation conditions are different, and the environmental conditions change from place to place, time to time, and season to season, even within the premises of the house you are currently renting.

When we see dry soil, we instinctively want to sprinkle more water on it, but as a result, it may cause the roots to rot.

If you don't take care of plants, they will certainly lose their vigor, but even if you take care of them too hard, they will still die, and in fact, they may stay green after you couldn't water them because of a business trip or you forgot to fertilize them.

And for some reason, plants are not satisfied with tap water, and even if you water them generously, they don't seem to be very happy.

Although it cannot be compared with Musashi who risked his life to protect the fields from floods and moved the hearts of the villagers, he knows the limit of what he can do as a human being to the plants in nature by taking care of the plants every day, and he thinks every day whether there is a good way to prevent the plants from withering away by realizing his own weakness of not being able to control his emotions.

Just as Musashi put down his sword and picked up a hoe, I learn flexibility and mental stability by stretching, I learn the wisdom of my predecessors by reading books and learning about examples from abroad, I feel the flavor of the beans from the fertile climate of different parts of Indonesia by brewing coffee, and in the same way, as I replant plants at home with a shovel and mow the lawn with a pair of scissors, my life's practices continue to be practiced.