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Which is easier to make a living doing what you love or to turn something you hate into something you love?



There's no such thing as a good story that's fun and lucrative.

I think everyone thinks how wonderful it would be to be able to make a living doing what you love, working and earning money.

However, the reality may be that individual abilities are not given equally and are so segregated that the majority of people with lesser abilities are forced to do things they don't like in order to make ends meet.

In the first place, if people with inadequate abilities were to do only what they like, just like some people with abilities, the labor force would become unevenly distributed, and society would become unviable.

So everyone puts up with doing what they love to do in order to make a living in society and prioritizes finding an empty seat in society where they can earn a living.

As a result, if you can compromise and say, "I can't do what I want to do in this vacancy, but it's a job in the field I'm interested in, so that's fine.

There are many people who have no choice but to take a job that they are not interested in at all in order to make a living, and I think that those who get used to a job that they were not interested in at first, and who are able to feel the depth of the job and find it interesting, are a good enough winner.

When everyone compromises with each other in this way, all the vacancies in society will be filled, the labor force will be equalized, and the gears of society will begin to move.

However, if we put it this way, the people who can make a living doing only what they love are limited to a few talented people, but there are people in the world who have the "talent to work hard" to do what they love, even if they don't have any talent.

The majority of people who want to make a living as a guitarist, for example, are people who are aware of their lack of talent and try to make up for it with their efforts to become better.

And of course, it can be painful to do too much of what you love.

No matter how much you love meat, the fancy marbled meats are too greasy to eat in large quantities, and no matter how much you love driving, being stuck in Jakarta's traffic jams every day is just as disgusting, so even if you love something, excessive effort becomes a pain.

Even if you try to make a career out of what you love, it will eventually require uncommon efforts, but if you do too much, you will hate what you love, too. This is a problem that comes to mind.

  • You work to death to do what you love and achieve your dreams with low odds.
  • You turn something you don't like into something you love, and with a high probability of being satisfied with the status quo.

If you climb a low mountain, the view from the top of the mountain is as good as a view of the city, but if you climb a high mountain, you can see the magnificent sea of clouds and fantastic sunsets that can be seen from the top of the mountain due to the greater hardship.

The truth is that what you don't like, you don't like others.

I realized from my experience of taking university entrance exams more than 20 years ago that even if you run into a difficult math problem and are overcome with despair at the examination hall, the problem is one that other people are equally overcome with and overcome with despair, and in the end, when it comes to a partial score, it is the amount of effort you have accumulated so far that decides your success or failure.

In the same way, a job that you hate is often a job that others hate too, and while this is welcome news, it's more likely to be a blue ocean in a way.

  • Tedious and cumbersome work.
  • A job that's hard but not very rewarding

When you think about it straightforwardly, what you dislike is "troublesome and hard", but the moment you realize the truth that this kind of work is often found in the blue ocean market, the things you used to dislike naturally change into a positive feeling that you might succeed if there is little competition.

For example, if you can't compete with other companies in terms of technology and financial strength, you may be able to win by improving the quality of services that are often shunned as troublesome and time-consuming, such as thorough support and quick response times.

It's very difficult to change something you dislike into something you love, so I think it's a shortcut to do what you love and live your life if you aim to change the reality by changing the "thinking itself" with positive thinking, such as making money doing these things, or that you're objectively good looking at yourself doing these things.

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