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Fire at Indonesia's Supreme Prosecutor's Office【Every time there's a fire, people doubt the background.】


Fire at Indonesia's Supreme Prosecutor's Office

I think there is no doubt that the work of the prosecutors became known to the public in the world in the 2001 drama "HERO" by Takuya Kimura, but Kohei Kuryu, played by Kimura Takuya, is transferred from Aomori to the Josai Branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, a branch of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office under the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, where the drama takes place.

The fact that Kejaksaan Agung RI (Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office) in Indonesia was burned down in a fire is the same as the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office of Kasumigaseki in Japan, but I think it conveys the seriousness of the matter. Whenever I go for a drink at BlokM, the downtown area where Japanese people gather from Central Jakarta, I always see a quaint chalk building on my right.

Last night's Kejaksaan Agung RI (Supreme Prosecutor's Office) fire was worse than I imagined.

Speaking of fires, back in 2015, my workplace was on the 7th floor of the Kosgoro building on Thamrin Road, and the fire, said to have started on the 16th floor pentry, quickly spread to the upper floors and my WhatsApp, which was in Karawang's customer base, received an incredible video of the top of the familiar building on fire, but the next morning, the fire was not extinguished, and a security guard at the building began to that the 13 hours it took to extinguish the fire was a new Asian record.

What I felt in the space where time stands still in an abandoned building.

Considering the fact that the entire building was charred black, the fire must have started very quickly.

The fire was extinguished in a relatively short period of time because the building was facing the main street, which allowed fire trucks to enter and exit the building, and the expensive 112-meter ladder truck shown in the video above was also used to extinguish the fire.

If the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office burned down in Japan, of course it would be a big news story, I'm sure you'll verify things like "Where is the origin of fire?", "Were the fire alarms properly inspected?" and "How will you continue to operate in the future?".

In the case of Indonesia, the first thing that comes to mind is "destroying evidence?" or "Who benefits from this fire? "

The background behind the fire is under scrutiny.

In Indonesia, fires occur at opportune times when there are conflicts and resistance to land and buildings, such as when residents oppose forced evictions in densely populated residential areas that have been illegally occupied for many years, when there is strong opposition to the government's plan to redevelop pasar (market) by local shopkeepers and premen (preman) who run the neighborhood, and when there are conflicts between proponents of rebuilding old buildings and proponents of continued use through renovation.

The Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs has promised that there will be no falsehoods or cover-ups about the fire at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office. Suspected to be behind the fire are documents on corruption surrounding Pinanki, a prosecutor in arrest detention on bribery charges with corruption felon Joko Chandra, who was extradited to Indonesia after his arrest in Malaysia in July, and PT Asuransi Jiwasraya.…

The reason why the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs (Kemenko Polhukam-Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Politik, Hukum, dan Keamanan) was quick to promise the public a fair on-the-spot review and disclosure after the recent fire at the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, was because of several corruption cases that had been built by the prosecution (and referred for possible prosecution).

He was particularly concerned about the alleged destruction of investigative material relating to prosecutor Jaksa Pinangki, who has been detained on suspicion of bribery with Djoko Tjandra.

In 1999, Bank Bali's debts to Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia (BDNI) and Bank Umum Nasional (BUN), among others, were placed into the National Bank Restructuring Agency's debt collection program.

But there was lobbying against the Golkar party by the Muria Group (group company of Joko Chandra) in the background, so he was arrested in a bribery case.

Although he fled abroad shortly before he was jailed, he was arrested in Malaysia in July this year and extradited to Indonesia.

In 2002, Bank Universal, Bank Prima Express, Bank Artamedia and Bank Patriot were merged to form Permata Bank.

And Pinanki, the prosecutor, is under arrest and detention for bribery with Joko Chandra after a photo of the three of them with Joko Chandra and his lawyer circulated on Facebook.

She was arrested for bribery with him after she left the country nine times in 2019 without permission and met with him one of those times, and her personal assets have increased 227% in the past 11 years.

At a time when the economy is in a slump due to a new type of coronavirus, the Jokowi administration would like to show a stern response to corruption cases that are likely to be criticized by the public.