Country nicknames used in the Indonesian media【a lot of sense to describe another country in one word】



Although Japanese media sometimes refer to Bali as "Island of the Gods" with an ostentatious nickname with the intention of adding value commercially, it is not common to refer to the country with a nickname, but in Indonesian media, the country is often described with a nickname after the name of the country, perhaps to create a lyrical atmosphere.

I often see "Negeri Sakura" in Japan, but I've never heard of "Negeri Ginseng" in Korea.These are the only two countries that are represented by symbols, but I can see "Negeri Sosis" in Germany, "Negeri Wine" in France, "Negeri Muay Thai" in Thailand.As for Singapore... I can't think of a symbol for it.…

The nicknames are not only Indonesian translations of popular names from abroad, but also those that are completely unique to Indonesia, such as Zamrud Khatulistiwa (The Emerald Equator), which is the most elegant and beautiful title of all.

On the other hand, Malaysia, which has a lot of quarrels over discriminatory treatment of Indonesian workers TKI (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia) and allegations of cultural plagiarism of batik and Balinese dance, has been called Negeri Jiran "the neighboring country" by the neighboring country.

It's interesting to get a glimpse of how Indonesia views foreign countries.

Country Indonesian Nick Name Description
U.S.A. Amerika Serikat Negara Paman Sam Uncle Sam, or "Uncle Sam," is a character that personifies the United States government and is generally referred to as the United States itself. He often appears in newspaper political cartoons and other satirical cartoons as the personification of the United States, along with the Statue of Liberty, and is depicted as a white man dressed in a star-spangled silk hat, navy blue jacket, red bow tie, and trousers with red and white vertical stripes, all designed to represent the Star Spangled Banner. In modern times, the alias Negara Super Power would be a better fit.
Saudi Arabia Arab Saudi Negara Minyak In the 2019 ranking of oil producing countries, the United States is number one, Russia is number two, and Saudi Arabia is number three, but it's still the Middle Eastern country that gets the name because it's the top producer in the Middle East when people say "oil country" and it's the top producer in the Middle East, ahead of Iraq in fifth place and the United Arab Emirates in seventh place.
Russia Rusia Negeri Beruang Putih Even though the country is higher than Saudi Arabia in terms of oil production, it seems to have a strong image as a "polar bear country" in the far north, and is also known as Negeri Tirai Besi (Iron Curtain), an expression referring to the closed attitude of the Soviet Union towards the Western European countries during the Cold War.
Australia Australia Negeri Kanguru As for the "Land of Kangaroos," you can't argue with that because it's a character that everyone can imagine. Only a Dutch windmill or an Italian spaghetti could rival Australia's kangaroo in level of intensity, enough to conjure up an image of the country in one shot.
Netherlands Belanda Negara Kincir Angin Holland Bakery, a bakery often seen in Jakarta, is so symbolic of the Netherlands that it has a windmill as a landmark. As you might expect, it's also known as Negeri Tulip (the land of tulips).
China China Negeri Tirai Bambu While everyone expects it to be the "Land of Pandas", the "Land of the Bamboo Curtain" is based on the positive assessment that China's bamboo is so strong and unbreakable that it represents a high degree of openness with neighboring countries while remaining loyal to socialist ideology, the recent Hong Kong National Security Law, and the recent attacks on the Senkaku Islands and the area around Okinotori Island. I don't think that's the case, given the intrusion and the illegal fishing problem in the EEZ around the Natuna Islands at the northern tip of Indonesia. Another name, Tembok Raksasa (Great Wall), may still be easier to imagine.

Prospects for Economic Development in Post-Corona Peril Indonesia【Opportunity to receive the de-Chineseization of the manufacturing industry】

The current construction status of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway

Philippines Filipina Negara Lumbung Padi Contrary to the underground impression of President Duterte's order to shoot dead radical drug-related criminals, the very mild name "Land of Paddy Fields" is surprising, but it seems to be significant because the Cordillera Rice Terraces, the world's largest group of terraced rice fields, have been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
India India Anak Benua I thought it was definitely "Gandhian Country", but I was surprised to find that the name was derived from a more geological point of view. The Indian Plate, where India is located, moves northward while the Eurasian Plate collides with it, causing the Himalayas to rise a few centimeters a year, but the fact that the Indian Plate originally separated from the Eurasian Plate seems to be the reason why it is called the "Child of the Continent".

Earthquakes in Indonesia【Causes are plate movement, fault rupture, and volcanic activity】

Brazil Brazil Negeri Samba Many things come to mind, such as "the land of soccer," "the land of carnival," and "the land of the Amazon," but the strange thing to say for men and women of all ages is "the land of the samba.
Argentina Argentina Negeri Tango Although the country has produced some of the world's best footballers in the "Land of Messi," it's still the "tango" that is accessible to young and old, and can compete with the Brazilian samba, I suppose.
United Kingdom Inggris The Black Country It is said to be a "black country" due to the severity of air pollution in Birmingham and Sheffield, the heart of the British Industrial Revolution, and I wish they had given it a positive and profound name like "Land of the Queen" or "Land of Gentlemen" because of this.
Iraq Irak Negeri 1001 Malam Although the country has become associated with the image of a Muslim country like the ghost of Hussein's regime, it was once the country that bears the epic story of the "Land of a Thousand and One Nights" (Arabian Nights).
Italy Italia Negara Spaghetti It's a fascinating country that has no shortage of things to describe its characteristics, such as "the land of pizza" and "the land of the Roman Empire," but it seems that spaghetti is not to be left out.
Japan Jepang Negeri Matahari Terbit You'll see Negeri Sakura (the land of cherry blossoms) more often these days than the land of the rising sun, but for young Indonesians it may be the land of anime and geek culture.
South Korea Korea Selatan Negeri Ginseng Since the "Land of Ginseng" is a bit old-fashioned despite its tradition, I think "Land of K-Pop" and "Land of K-Drama" would be more suitable for post-millennial Indonesians now.
Malaysia Malaysia Negeri Jiran While Indonesia itself is the "Emerald Equator", it may not seem appropriate to call it the "neighboring country", but neighbors have a tendency to develop an inbreeding animosity with each other, and in a promotional video produced by the Malaysian government, there are some examples of batik and Bali, which are representative of Indonesian culture. The Indonesian people around me openly called Malaysia a culture thief because of a video that misrepresented the dance as their own culture, and there was an atmosphere of animosity between the nations. The atmosphere of the Tiger Cup, a football festival in Southeast Asia, and the Southeast Asian Games against Malaysia at the Sea Games is as deadly as the Japan-Korea game.

Production process of Batik, a traditional Indonesian batik dyeing technique.

Cambodia Kamboja Hell on Earth Hell on Earth" is an impolite name, but it draws on the negative legacy of the massacre of as many as 2 million people by the Khmer Rouge, a political force led by Prime Minister Pol Pot in the 1970s. In Indonesia as well, around the time of the March 11 political upheaval in 1966, the intensification of anti-PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) and anti-Sukarno presidential demonstrations led to the transfer of power to Suharto, and the "communist hunt" that unfolded across Indonesia resulted in a genocide comparable to Cambodia's.

Anti-Communist symbolism, the Panchasila Sakti monument and the "Betrayal of the Communist Party" museum【The September 30 incident that changed the balance of power in politics】

Singapore Singapura Negeri 1001 Larangan It's also rudely called "Land of 1001 Prohibited Items," but it has a cool alias, Negara Singa (Land of Lions).
Thailand Thailand Negara Gajah Putih It's the only positive name among its Southeast Asian neighbors, "The Land of White Elephants," also known as the Negeri Seribu Pagoda (Land of 1000 Stupas).
Germany Jerman Negeri Hitler It's an oblique term, "Hitler's Country," but I worry that if it's actually used in the news, etc., there will be complaints from the German Embassy.
France Perancis Kota Mode In recent years, shops have been destroyed by radicalized yellow vest protesters and immigration issues have created a dirty image of France, but as you would expect of a country with a strong tradition of being called the "Land of Fashion".
New Zealand Selandia Baru Negeri Kiwi Although named after the national bird, the flightless kiwi, New Zealand is also the world's third largest producer of kiwifruit.
Nepal Nepal Negeri 1000 Kuil The Swayambhunath Temple in Kathmandu, known as the "Land of 1000 Temples," is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with numerous temples. It is also known as Negeri 1000 Dewa (Land of 1000 Gods).
Myanmar Myanmar Tanah Emas Myanmar is a "land of gold" rich in natural resources such as natural gas, copper, tin, silver, tungsten and other minerals.
Spain Spanyol Negeri Matador Bullfighting is often criticized for something in recent years due to the animal rights climate, and in the future it may be called "Land of the Bullfighters" to "Land of the Sagrada Familia".
Bulgaria Bulgaria Negeri Kuntum Mawar The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name "Bulgaria" is yoghurt, so it is surprising that the country is known as the "Land of Roses", but in fact, 70% of the world's rose spice production is in the Valley of Roses, which is the largest producer of rose oil in the world, mainly in the region of Kazanlak and the surrounding towns and villages.
Greece Yunani Negeri Peradaban Ancient Greece, the model of modern times, is called "the land of civilization" because it produced many philosophers and artists, but it is also called Negeri Para Dewa (Land of the Gods), inspired by Greek mythology.
Finland Finlandia Negeri Seribu Danau Finland is blessed with a beautiful natural environment that deserves the nickname 'Land of a Thousand Lakes', as the blue flag represents the sky and lakes, the white represents snow and the Christian cross, and the country's national flag is a symbol of the Christian cross.
Canada Kanada Negeri Pecahan Es When you hear the word "Canada," the image you think of is maple, but from the image of the glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it seems that Canada is described as "the land of ice fragments.