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The secret story is that you don't feel comfortable unless you tell someone else.


Indonesians can't keep not to tell someone's secrets.

When one of my subordinates changed jobs as a systems manager at a developer before, he had strong connections with the general manager of that company, who was a friend of his, and this time, another subordinate is looking for a job at the systems department of a major bank, the fifth largest in the industry.

The reason why I know this information is because I'm his boss, and I've heard it directly from him.

  • I'm in the process of changing jobs. If I'm hired, I'll quit next January, but if I'm not hired, please let me continue working.

He confided in me.

It's not clear whether he's an honest person, just a nasty person, or just a natural person.

  • This is your chance, so go for it!

I replied as such.

I said, "It's my pleasure that you've confided in me," so I kept the secret as promised and didn't tell anyone, but as expected, the only person on my team who doesn't know are only me and one other person.

At a business level, there seems to be little point in entering into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with an Indonesian.

His excuse for stopping him from quitting the company.

In this case, his wife works as an analyst (manager) at the bank, so he was very confident that he would be hired.

However, from a Japanese corporate point of view, if you get married at work and work together, why don't you and your husband work together because you have a wife in the same company? I don't think this idea is possible, but it's not a problem at all as long as the departments are different.

He said,

"This time, the bank are recruit 3 staffs, and there are 14 applicants, five of whom had connections, so there were actually five people competing for three chairs, the remaining nine were only dummies, and my wife told me all about the exam questions (hey, hey, hey), so I am 90% sure that I would be hired."

  • Congratulations, you're now one of the elite.

I was facially delighted with his bright future.

So, at lunchtime today.

  • I'm going to stop quitting.

The message came in.

Even though I didn't ask him, he said that the reason he stopped changing jobs was because "the first day of work is next July," and he was being condescending by saying that he changed his mind in the first place.

So I carefully explained the current recession and the fact that many companies are laying off people, and told him not to head in the strange direction any further.

  • Just bear it now and wait for the right time.

I admonished him.

I don't dare to ask him whether he stopped changing jobs or not recruited. I'm not interested.

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