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The work of introducing business systems



Types of business system implementation

However, in the field of business system introduction, the job is to propose and realize the improvement of business efficiency and effective use of data to the customer by replacing the current Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) with a system.

The difference in the systems (solutions) to be replaced is the "color" of the system companies, and the customer compares the solutions proposed by multiple companies, gets a phase estimate, and comprehensively selects the system that suits the company.

In the case of a package system, the customer's business is basically adapted to the package as a standard business flow. The manufacturing industry is broadly divided into assembly and process systems.

In other words, in the case of a process system where standardization of business is difficult, it can be said that a customization-based system is suitable.

In many cases, the package systems introduced in the process manufacturing industry have been customized in some way.

In the case of a system company based on scratch development, it is very important to define the requirements of how to listen to the customer's requirements.

In the case of package implementation, it is also necessary to define requirements, but there is a difference in how much detail to ask.

The package system condenses the knowledge and experience of the development side, which is embodied in the package as a standard business flow.

In other words, when a customer selects a package, he or she is choosing "Standard Business Flow", and naturally, the minimum functions that must be included in the selection process are carefully considered.

There is no package that can cover all the requirements, so the choice is to meet the standard proposed by the package vendor for the difference or to customize it.

How far should we go in the customer's business

When we start a system implementation project, we are always faced with the question of how far we should go into the customer's business.

In many cases, the Japanese people in charge of the system are expecting a business improvement proposal in terms of the system, but on the other hand, the Indonesians who are in charge of operations at the time of introduction tend to want to realize the current business flow with the system, and are basically conservative, not willing to change.

Thoroughly educating the Indonesian manufacturing industry on the importance of "kaizen" has strong implications for the transformation of conservative attitudes in favor of maintaining the status quo among Indonesians.

It is difficult to make a proposal for business improvement unless you are confident that your system is a standard flow of past implementation experience, and a proposal that does not look confident will only make people think that you are missing out because you cannot customize it.

It is very difficult to make a persuasive proposal that will convince the customer, who is a professional in the business, but it is a very special pleasure when the proposed system is adopted, introduced, and put into operation.

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