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Indonesia is an attractive country in terms of people, food and climate

The History of Indonesian Colonies and Independence

Indonesia is a huge island nation that stretches east to west, and was called "the necklace of the Queen of the Netherlands" in the colonial era. It is an attractive country with a rich natural environment, underground mineral resources and a mild climate.

It has been almost 22 years since I first set foot in Indonesia in October 1997, and thanks to the warm climate without winter, the delicious Indonesian food, and the kindness, tolerance, and looseness of the Indonesian people, I have become completely comfortable here.

As a Japanese person, I am grateful that many people in Indonesia have favorable feelings toward Japan, but the current situation is the result of the private sector exchange, not only at the intergovernmental level but also at the grassroots level, that our predecessors in Japan have built up in the past.

However, I don't think we should forget that at the heart of the smiling, smiling Indonesian people is the pride of having won independence from colonialism on their own, and the humiliation of colonization over 350 years.

  1. Faith in the One God (Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa)
  2. Fair and cultural humanitarianism. (Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab)
  3. The Unity of Indonesia (Persatuan Indonesia)
  4. Democracy Guided by Wisdom in Collegiate and Delegate Systems (Kerakyatan Yang Dipimpin oleh Hikmat Kebijaksanaan, Dalam Permusyawaratan / Perwakilan)
  5. Social justice for all Indonesians (Keadilan Sosial bagi seluruh Rakyat Indonesia)

In a country with 90% of the Muslim population, it is a pillar of national ideology that has suppressed confrontations between hardline Islamic forces and other religious and democratic forces by realizing the separation of political parties and political economy.

If 300 ethnic groups coexist in a country of more than 14,000 islands, inter-ethnic discrimination and religious conflicts will naturally occur, such as the former tolerance of independence in East Timor, the Aceh separatist crisis, and the current problem of discrimination in Papua.

In order to maintain harmony as a nation, the nationalist solution is oriented toward a consensus through repeated dialogue, sometimes daring to delay concrete decisions and aiming for consensus through a collegial system, following the traditional Javanese agrarian social tradition of musyawarah, which transcends the majority vote and profitism adopted by other democracies.

Indonesian cuisine with rendang, voted the best food in the world

Indonesian cuisine with rendang, voted the best food in the world


Rendang, the representative of Padang cuisine

A few years ago, there was an uproar in Indonesia over Malaysia's promotion of batik as if it were its own culture.

Many people mistake rendang for Malaysian food, and I'm afraid it will cause a similar uproar, but it's authentic Indonesian food from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra.

Padang cuisine is probably the most popular Indonesian cuisine among Japanese living in Indonesia, but there are also other cuisines such as Sunda cuisine of West Java, which is spicy and full of vegetables; Central Javanese cuisine, which is sweetly seasoned and expresses the Javanese people's heart and soul with its taste; and Balinese cuisine, which is famous for its Babi Guling, which is roasted pork, which is a joy for Japanese people.

In my case, when I was asked by a taxi driver or a masseuse if I liked Japanese food or Indonesian food, 10 years ago I would have answered Japanese food without hesitation, but nowadays my taste buds are getting closer to Indonesian people's.

However, Indonesian cuisine is different from Japanese cuisine, which makes the most of the flavors of the ingredients, and American cuisine, which adds flavors on top of the flavors.

The main characteristic of Indonesian cuisine is the use of spices refined from ingredients grown in a rich natural environment and coconut milk (santan) refined from the inner pulp of coconuts, and seasoning the ingredients by boiling, frying, roasting or frying them.

Even though the seasoning sometimes feels too rich, it is still considered to be good for salt supplementation and physical fitness in a tropical climate where people sweat on a daily basis.

In a multi-ethnic country like Indonesia, there are many beautiful women


It is not a lie that there are many beautiful women, but from Indonesian women, they often say that Japanese women are "cute" and the reason is that they have "white skin".

There are various types of Indonesian beauties, such as the half-Western beauty with long legs and slender body, the oriental beauty with long legs and white skin like K-POP star, the southern beauty with brown skin and healthy skin, and the mountain tribe beauty with white skin and clear eyes and nose.

With a population of 260 million and more than 300 people, Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country with a long history of complex inbreeding and a variety of regional physical characteristics.

Most of these photos were taken by my wife with Canon EOS 5D Mark III single-lens reflex camera with EF 135mm f/2.0L USM, and edited by Adobe Photoshop.


When the photographer is a woman, it is easier to bring out the true beauty of the model because she is not nervous, and it has the advantage of being able to request poses, hairstyles, and fashion from a woman's point of view, which is difficult to do with a male photographer.

It is characterized by a reassuring expression that is only shown to female photographers, and the models are also open-minded and ask for advice, so even if you pose in sexy clothes, the photos are not strangely erotic.

The first thing that surprised me when I came to Indonesia was how friendly and easy to talk to Indonesian people. When the older men working at cafes and recognize me as Japanese, he will try his best to please the Japanese people he meet for the first time by performing Japanese phrases he have learned from anime and songs.

They are beautiful Indonesian models with great style, but they are all just amateur models with no name yet, and I have never met any Sombong (arrogant) girls who seem to take their looks under their nose when they are dreaming of becoming Artis.


The larger the sensor, the better the image quality, the wider the shooting range, and the easier it is to blur (blur the background and foreground of a subject to make it look more impressive).

The aperture is the part that adjusts the amount of light entering the lens, and the F-value is a numerical representation of the amount of light that is captured by the camera due to differences in the size of the aperture, and the smaller the F-value, the more light can be captured, making it easier to blur.

I use a full frame body with an F2 lens (the smallest is F1.2), but I adjust the ISO (ability to capture light), speed (how long the shutter is open), and distance from the subject depending on the type of subject and how bright the scene is, and ultimately the correction technique in Photoshop has a big impact on the work.

Warm climate and abundant natural resource reserves

温暖で豊富な天然資源を埋蔵する風土The country runs from east to west between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, with coffee, cacao, palm and spices cultivated in the highlands and natural minerals such as oil, natural gas, nickel and bauxite reserves.

I have often heard that people who suffered from hay fever and allergic rhinitis in Japan have been cured after coming to Indonesia because of the warm weather throughout the year and the absence of cedar and other coniferous forests that are the source of hay fever.

And the story that people who had suffered from depression and dysautonomia due to crowded trains and office life improved in Indonesia is not unrelated to the absence of cold winters, which are a burden on the human body, and a warm climate that promotes metabolism.

However, because exports of primary products do not add value and do not foster domestic processing industries, the government plans to reduce the ratio of exports of primary products such as natural resources, and has just announced on September 2 this month that it will ban exports of nickel, which is essential for electric car batteries, from next year.

Last month, on August 26, President Jokowi announced that the capital would be relocated to an area comprising parts of the northern Panjam Pasar Utara region and the Kutai-Cartanugara region in East Kalimantan, and while there are stories of land prices increasing several times in just half a month, Kalimantan's rainforest is the largest habitat for orangutans and there are concerns about the impact of natural destruction.


情報共有 1

The sharing of visible results leads to a common recognition of the problems, but if there are people who are troubled because the scarcity of information is diminished by the increasing sharing, the political power to increase the position by monopolizing useful information is at work.

インドネシアのスタバの店員にありがたい人生の教訓を教わった件 2

When you order your usual iced coffee at your regular Starbucks, a familiar clerk usually talks to you in a friendly and familiar way, like "You came at an unusual time today," or "Is your usual iced coffee okay today?

宗教によって異なる「死んだらどうなる」の考え方 3

Both Christianity and Islam are religions derived from Judaism and believe in the one and only God, Jesus Christ (God Himself) or Allah, respectively.

株価操作なんてインドネシア株では当たり前 4

Stock prices fluctuate with sell and buy orders, and if you get a lot of sell orders and a lot of buy orders, the other investors will follow suit with "me too" and the stock will go up.

心臓に毛が生えたインドネシア人のずうずうしい転職活動を応援してみた 5

Since many Indonesians can't maintain mental stability without revealing a secret story to someone else.

日系企業のインドネシアでの存在意義 6

If Japan's population continues to decline at the current rate, domestic demand will continue to shrink, and if this happens, it is inevitable that domestic companies that find it difficult to survive in the Japanese domestic market alone will look for ways to make a living in overseas markets.

チャンスはあるが勝てる分野が 7

After living in Indonesia, talking to people on my own, and gradually understanding the local situation, I realized that starting a business in Indonesia is surprisingly difficult. The reason for the difficulty is the high shipping costs and tariffs, the competition from local companies, and the high running costs of IMTA and DPKK.

インドネシアのシステムインテグレーション業界 8

The other day, I had the opportunity to exchange opinions with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) about IT investment by Indonesian SMEs, and they raised an important issue related to the existence value of system integrators, such as "How can we explain the cost benefits of system investment?

肉体と精神と心と魂 9

Speaking of "Body and Soul," it's the debut song of SPEED, a member of the LDP's House of Councillors, Eriko Imai, who was unofficially appointed as parliamentary secretary of the Cabinet Office following yesterday's cabinet reshuffle, and the name of a long-established Indonesian women's fashion brand.

ジャカルタのラーメン市場 10

I came to Indonesia for the first time in October 1997. I didn't understand Indonesian, my job was hard, the people around me were unreasonable, and there was a time when I wanted to go back to Japan for a while.

ブランド力、技術力、資金力の3要素 11

After the Jakarta riots of 1998, when the rupiah plummeted and domestic companies with foreign dollar-denominated debt were struggling to pay interest, I was looking for a new business in Indonesia that would allow me to earn foreign currency.

日本とインドネシアの間でのタイムマシン経営が通じなくなっている件 12

I think that Yoshinoya overcame the frame of Japanese food and became Indonesian soul food. I am happy to see the scene where Japanese food culture is accepted by Indonesian people.

不景気の歴史 13

Since I came to Indonesia, I have seen the economic recession several times, but because of the spread of the new coronavirus this time, the economy will definitely go into recession, and in a few years' time it may be called corona shock or corona recession.

日本のバブル経済崩壊後とインドネシアの通貨危機後 14

When I entered university in 1991, at the end of the bubble economy, land and stock prices were exploding, Mitsubishi Estate had bought the Rockefeller Center Building, a symbol of America, and the women of the one-length body-con (like the Bubbly Dance of Tomigaoka High School's dance club) were dancing at Juliana Tokyo in the waterfront bay area, waving their fans.

内需と外需の自国経済に及ぼす影響 15

The situation in Japan is that even if public works investment is made, the money stays in the savings of companies and individuals, and domestic consumption does not increase, while the situation in Indonesia is that even if domestic consumption increases, the ratio of imported consumer materials is high, and domestic assets are flowing out to foreign countries.

2019年の総選挙を前にインドネシア政治史のおさらい 16

As the campaign (Kampanye) for next year's presidential election (Pemilu Pilpres Pileg Indonesia 2019) is lifted, it has been decided that the order in which the ballot papers will be printed will be No. 1 for the incumbent President Jokowi and Vice President Mahuru candidate pair and No. 2 for President Prabowo and Vice President Sandiagauno candidate pair.

インドネシアの国土と風土が生み出す産地特有のコーヒー 17

Located in the coffee belt between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Cancer, Indonesia is a country suitable for coffee cultivation, and during the 300 years of Dutch colonial rule that followed the advance of the East India Company in 1602, Arabica coffee was brought to the country and cultivation began in the plateau region with a favorable climate.

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