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Having a good feeling at the gap in the presidential election



Overwhelming Jokowi popularity

Tomorrow, there will be an official announcement of the presidential election results from KPU, which will be closed to traffic on my morning commute in front of KPU. I drove by a while ago, and there were a lot of TV stations' relay cars.

I was tired of hearing how wonderful Jokowi is and how wicked Prabowo is for an hour on the way to the customer's house today. I want to sleep in the car, but...

He pushed Jokowi so hard, he got a little fed up and said, "Isn't this going to be a puppet government for Megawati? The Prabowo camp is so powerful that it would be awkward if they turned to the opposition, so it would be better to keep them soft. But he replied with three times as much.

Despite being on a fast and having a dry mouth, he gave an impassioned speech with his spit flying. Jokowi is supposed to invite only working people to his cabinet and not party politics at all, but can we really believe that? Mr. Koizumi said, "Politics is a power struggle.

Incidentally, Tamang Rasuna apartment, where I have lived for about 8 years, is a Berkeley apartment and my office building is a Gorkhalian one, so if President Jokowi becomes president, I will be completely committed to the resistance side of the establishment, both in public and private life (exaggeration).

The Prabowo camp seems to have spent a lot of money in this election, so if they win the election, Berkley will try their best to recover the Balik modal and invest in Rasuna Epicentrum Superblock, which is the core of their real estate development business, but if they lose, the quality of their management services will suffer.

Epicentrum Walk, which is adjacent to the apartment building, has been deserted due to the management office's failure to get tenants, but I think the election results will be even more damaging.

The essence of Jokowi's popularity lies in the gap

I am now visiting Solo in Central Java, Jokowi's hometown, regularly for a system implementation project, and I have never heard a bad rumor about this guy. I've heard a lot about it, but I'd like to summarize two things

  1. A naive uncle with no selfishness
  2. Practitioners who demonstrate strong leadership in their practice

It may be the same with the Japanese, but Indonesians also like the gap between the seemingly ordinary but actually amazing people. I think the first thing that comes up in Jokowi's reviews is "innocence without corruption", but I think it's the gap between "actually being a great person" that attracts the general public, and if I'm not afraid to say it without fear of misunderstanding, I think it's a kind of mass hypnosis.

I think it is human instinct to be attracted to the gap like "It's great when I take it off" or "a little badass dad", and this is the essence of Jokowi's current popularity.