Current affairs


Current affairs

Indonesia undergoing fraudulent cleansing


The KKN (Korupsi Corruption, Kolusi Collusion, Nepotisme Nepotism) has become so underrepresented in recent years that the anti-corruption movement in Indonesia has penetrated to the public level.


Current affairs

Indonesia's Tol (toll highway) going cashless


The e-toll card is a contactless smart card (Contactless smart card) that uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) and 13.56Mhz high frequency electromagnetic induction.


Current affairs

Jakarta's dark culture swallowed by the wave of urban development


The loss in this election of Governor Ahok, who has made many visible achievements in uncovering corruption during his tenure, proves that the label of Islamic blasphemy still works in elections.


Current affairs

Why you don't hear the term MPR anymore


In Indonesia, the executive (eksekutif), the judiciary (yudikatif), and the legislature (legislatif) are separated due to the separation of powers, and the executive is the president, the judiciary is the Supreme Court MA (Mahkamah Agung), and the legislature is the National Assembly DPR.


Current affairs

Awareness-raising activities to combat drugs


The word Narkoba is a combination of NARkotika (narcotics), psiKOtropika (psychotropic drugs) and OBat-obatan (drugs), and the value of the Narkoba trade is 66.3 Triliun (66.3 trillion rupiah = 660 billion yen) per year.


Current affairs

The relationship between Indonesia's smart phone pursa and Internet access plans


4G service fees are extremely low due to the Indonesian government's strict instructions to carriers to use high frequencies from 1.5GHz to 2GHz instead of the platinum band low frequencies of 700MHz to 900MHz.


Current affairs

Switch your Indonesian driver's license to a regular Japanese license


While the Geneva Conventions are the treaties that govern the treatment of prisoners of war, the Geneva Conventions on Transport are similar and different in that they recognize international licenses issued in their home countries among the member countries.


Current affairs

Change address on KTP for Indonesian people at the time of moving


Local administrative divisions in Indonesia are subdivided like Propinsi (province), Kabupaten (province), Kecamatan (county), Kelurahan (town or ward), RW (RUKUN WARGA), RT (RUKUN TETANGGA) KK (Ketua Keluarga family unit) and the KDE POS is assigned to each Kelurahan.


Current affairs

Indonesia's economic trends as perceived by the bank's customer service


Borrowing money overseas with low interest rates and investing it in Indonesia is subject to foreign currency regulations in the form of hedging obligations for offshore debt denominated in foreign currencies (foreign currency borrowings from overseas).


Current affairs

Stock manipulation is commonplace in Indonesian stocks.


Stock prices fluctuate with sell and buy orders, and if you get a lot of sell orders and a lot of buy orders, the other investors will follow suit with "me too" and the stock will go up.


Current affairs

Having a good feeling at the gap in the presidential election


Jokowi's image of a simple uncle with no selfishness and his strong leadership skills as a pragmatist have won over the gap-loving Indonesians, who see him as an ordinary person at first glance but are actually amazing, and the public seems to be in a state of collective hypnosis.


Current affairs

Changes in Indonesia's business climate


Until a few years ago, there was a lot of attention paid to the business of doing offshore development and other projects for the Japanese market in Indonesia, but I think the reason why there is almost no such business in Indonesia these days is that the labor cost has become relatively high compared to other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand due to the frequent increase in UMK (Upah Minimum Kabupaten Minimum Wage).

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