Indonesia Life

Indonesia Life

The wrestling element of communication【Taking advantage of the opponent's aggression】


Communication is similar to professional wrestling. Communication is successful when both sides exchange ideas and come to the best possible conclusion, so that the audience is excited and moved by the match, which is made possible by the opponent's skills and the best of each other.

Indonesia Life

That human behavior is the result of the brain's control of emotions and thoughts.【There's no point in regretting your past choices.】


The fact that the brain is what controls our emotions and thoughts, and that the results of the workings of our emotions and thoughts are expressed in our actions is important to understand what we need to be aware of when dealing with patients with modern diseases such as depression, adjustment disorders, and addiction.

Indonesia Life

Car Tax in Indonesia【There is no public vehicle inspection system and insurance is voluntary.】


There are two types of car tax in Indonesia: the annual car tax to be paid when the vehicle certificate is renewed, and the car tax to be paid every five years when the license plate is replaced and the engine registration number is checked.

Indonesia Life

The Unexplained Expectations of the Japanese in Indonesia【Increased pride in one's country】


As the gap between Japan and Indonesia's nominal GDP per capita has narrowed and economic growth has made Indonesians more proud of their own country, both Japanese and Indonesians no longer harbor obscure expectations of each other and this represents a relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity as equals in business.

Indonesia Life

Pirated Software in Indonesia【Types of License Authentication Methods】


There are two types of license authentication: MAK authentication, where each PC is authenticated by requesting one PC at a time, and KMS authentication, where PCs connect to Microsoft's authentication site through an authentication server, but 83% of software in Indonesia is pirated using crack tools.

Indonesia Life

The risks of buying a used car in Indonesia【Odometer rewind】


Analog mechanical odometers can be scratched when rewinding the odometer using a screwdriver and can be checked carefully to determine the presence or absence of tampering, but digital odometers are difficult to detect because they can be rewound without scratching by operating an in-vehicle diagnostic device from external software.

Indonesia Life

ATM fraud in Indonesia【A tactic that takes advantage of the strength of your assumptions and lack of caution.】


It is thought that the ethnic characteristics of Indonesians with a high degree of sensitivity are a factor that makes them susceptible to hypnosis, and since the Japanese have a large personal space with their counterparts and greet them with a bow without a handshake, they are more cautious than curious if they are touched by a stranger, making it difficult for them to commit a hypnotic crime.

Indonesia Life

India and Indonesia in my mind.【Fate is more than a coincidence, it's a necessity.】


Fate is not a coincidence but a necessity in that my intense Indian experience as a student has led me to work in Indonesia today. Indonesia has been influenced by Indian culture through trade through the colonial East India Company.

Indonesia Life

High Consciousness and Low Consciousness【The heavy word "problem consciousness"】


To be problem conscious, you need to have a presuppositional awareness that world events are "supposed to be this way," and to do this, knowledge as a point and an understanding of the context of events, which is the connection between the dots, are essential. Being conscious means having an awareness of the problem supported by one's own experience.

Indonesia Life

How to attract luck【Learning life lessons through drama】


There are three ways to attract luck: to keep a good air circulation without building walls around you so that luck can enter you; to circulate your own luck by starting something on your own and expressing your opinions to the outside world; and to take an interest in various fields so that you can receive the luck that comes your way.

Indonesia Life

Indonesians' side hustle gets hotter and hotter due to the corona crisis【A high standard of living that the Japanese can learn from】


Indonesians usually have income from side jobs outside the company, and their appetite for expensive assets such as cars and real estate is increasing. The strength of the Indonesian people's ability to earn money to survive the corona pandemic is something that the Japanese should sincerely learn from.

Indonesia Life

Earthquakes in Indonesia【Causes are plate movement, fault rupture, and volcanic activity】


Since Indonesia is at the confluence of the Indo-Australian, Eurasian, and Pacific plates, and the tangent of the plates is in the sea, earthquakes with shallow epicenters can generate tsunamis, and even tectonic faults and volcanic earthquakes with epicenters in the shallow subsurface of urban areas can be expected to cause significant damage.

Indonesia Life

Gordon Ramsey learns to make rendang in West Sumatra


Indonesian cuisine is based on a completely different concept from Japanese cuisine, which brings out the maximum flavor of the ingredients, or American cuisine, which adds flavor on top of flavor, and is characterized by the use of spices to add depth to the ingredients in the process of boiling, frying, grilling and frying.


Indonesia Life

Three things I mastered at PSBB (Large Scale Social Restrictions)【a summary of WFH (Work From Home) that lasted about two and a half months】


While our company was hit hard by the Corona pandemic, working from home made me realize three things: a backless chair is just right for back pain because it gives your abdominal muscles a good workout, the fact that there is no wasted movement in daily life, and the importance of not stopping to do some work even when the work gets sluggish.


Indonesia Life

Water quality suitable for fish breeding in Indonesia


In general, Japanese tap water is soft and acidic with a low pH value, but Indonesian tap water is hard water with a high mineral content and a high pH value, so it is necessary to lower the pH value and decompose the calcium and magnesium to make the water soft for fish breeding.


Indonesia Life

Production process of Batik, a traditional Indonesian batik dyeing technique.


Every Friday has been designated as Batik Day to encourage the wearing of batik since the Indonesian traditional batik was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World. There are two anti-dyeing techniques for batik making: hand waxing with copper plate chaps or chanting.


Indonesia Life

Why do humans look back on their past in their spare time?【Mixi's diary written in Bali over 10 years ago】


When I'm busy, I'm so busy trying to get through today and tomorrow's errands that I don't have the time to think about my past, but when I'm free from the effects of the corona disaster, I think I want to remember the fun and painful things I've done in the past and compare them to the position I'm in now to give meaning to the things I've lived through.


Indonesia Life

How to overcome situations where you're not good at public speaking【speaking as if you're improvising a pre-prepared scenario】


In a public speaking situation, if you read out your pre-prepared knowledge and scenarios with inflection, you become a great speaker in the eyes of the people listening to you. It's normal for ad-lib talk to be awkward, and you don't have to feel sorry for forcing yourself to mend the air.


Indonesia Life

The effects of a hard body and mental stress on sleep【antioxidant effect on accumulated reactive oxygen species in the body】


In the human body, the human body's lung cells take in oxygen from the air and expel it while the muscle cells produce energy, which oxidizes muscle cells, and the purpose of sleep is to repair this by antioxidizing them. Stress reduces the cell's ability to direct its antioxidant function and causes insomnia.


Indonesia Life

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that don't require money, time, or commitment【how to get rid of the lack of exercise by working from home】


Lack of exercise is a lack of flexibility, and if your body is flexible and you get enough sleep, you won't have the symptoms of being tired and heavy. You don't have to be prepared to exercise or spend money to go to the gym, but you can get rid of the lack of exercise by moving your body frequently in your daily life.

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