Indonesia Life

Indonesia Life

Gordon Ramsey learns to make rendang in West Sumatra


Gordon James Ramsay OBE was originally He's the owner-chef of a three-star restaurant from Scotland, but I first learned about In 2005, Indonesian satellite broadcaster Indovision aired "Hell's It was when I was chief in the American version of Kitchen (Hell's Kitchen) and I was on the red team and the blue The young chefs, divided into teams, will prepare a dish based on a weekly challenge from Mr. Ramsey, and will be given a special The reality of cooking battles where the lowest-ranked person is eliminated after being judged by guests and viewers. 


Indonesia Life

Water quality suitable for fish breeding in Indonesia


Pasar Ikan Sumenep in Menteng, Pasar Ikan Ex Kartini and Pasar Hewan Jatinegara Animal Market in Jatinegara are famous places to buy ornamental fish in Jakarta, but Jatinegara Animal Market is not good in terms of sanitation and security, and Kartini Market is a narrow street called Jl. Gunung Sahari 7A and there is a risk of contact with cars and motorcycles.


Indonesia Life

Production process of Batik, a traditional Indonesian batik dyeing technique.


On October 2, 2009, Indonesia's batik was recognized as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage Site. At that time, the Malaysian government produced a tourism promotion video that showed batik and Balinese dances, which are representative of Indonesia's unmistakable culture, being misunderstood as their own culture.


Indonesia Life

On the eve of my 23rd year in Indonesia


Tomorrow I will be entering my 23rd year in Indonesia. I still have a routine to call my mother at least once a month, but I was fed up with the complaint that "Why did you go to Indonesia even though you went to university?


Indonesia Life

Indonesia is an attractive country in terms of people, food and climate


Indonesia is a huge island nation that stretches east to west, and was called "the necklace of the Queen of the Netherlands" in the colonial era. It is an attractive country with a rich natural environment, underground mineral resources and a mild climate.


Indonesia Life

There are a lot of roundabouts on the roads in Indonesia


I like to watch the cars going round and round in the roundabouts (bundaran lalu lintas) that are so common on Indonesian roads, and when I lived in an apartment behind Thamrin Street, I used to take a meaningless walk after dark to Bundaran HI (the square in front of the Hotel Indonesia) and enjoy watching the waves of traffic choke and flow like drains.


Indonesia Life

Many Japanese people living in Indonesia are cat lovers.


The reason Japanese people like cats is because they are cute, but there are a lot of stray cats in Indonesia.


Indonesia Life

The old Kota district, which was home to the Dutch East India Company


Indonesia's tourist destinations include Bali, the "Island of the Gods" and Yogyakarta, the ancient capital of Central Java, but Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is a business city and it is often said that there is not much to see and do in Jakarta.


Indonesia Life

The footprints of the old Japanese you'll see in Jakarta


Today is the last day of the Heisei era, and tomorrow will be the first year of the Reiwa era.

ジャカルタから西ブカシ(Bekasi Barat)のスマレコン(Summarecon)に引越し

Indonesia Life

Moved from Jakarta to Summarecon, West Bekasi


The roads in Bekasi are filled with a huge number of motorbikes between 6.30 and 7am as the commute to and from school is concentrated between 6.30 and 7am, but the traffic jam in the evening is not as bad as in the morning as people go home at different times.


Indonesia Life

Buddhist Temple Ruins in Central Java, Borobudur


On the island of Java in Indonesia, a dynasty centered on Hinduism and Buddhism flourished until the 15th century due to exchanges with India, and after that, Islamization progressed due to exchanges with Arabs.


Indonesia Life

Mackerel pressed sushi and Noah's Ark come from the same Portuguese word "bateira".


The name of our company (PT BAHTERA HISISTEM INDONESIA) is often questioned in relation to "battera", a type of pressed sushi made with mackerel, and interestingly enough, it is a foreign word with Portuguese origin.


Indonesia Life

Merapi volcano near Borobudur ruins in Central Java


Murapi volcano is an active volcano that just in May 2018 plummeted to a height of 5,500 meters from its summit from a steam explosion, but a pyroclastic flow from a major eruption in 2010 killed 322 people and evacuated 130,000.


Indonesia Life

Mount Bromo in the sea of sand that covers the ancient caldera


Gunung Bromo (2,329m) is an active volcano located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It is the youngest of six siblings, including Gunung Semeru (3,676m), the highest mountain in Java, Gunung Watangan (2,661m), Gunung Widodaren (2,650m), Gunung Kurusi (2,581m) and Gunung Batok (2,470m), and only one of them is always breathing white smoke.


Indonesia Life

Which is easier to make a living doing what you love or to turn something you hate into something you love?


The idea is that if you dare to do something that is not interesting to you, you can compete in the blue ocean where there is little competition, and by changing your thinking, you can turn something that is not interesting into something interesting before you know it.


Indonesia Life

The act of letting off the melancholy and complaining in the world of imagination


Human beings are creatures that live with sensitivity and reason to the fullest extent, and even if we force ourselves to kill our emotions, our defensive instincts work to balance sensitivity and reason within us, and we may act incomprehensibly against our will psychologically and socially.


Indonesia Life

What the "Discourse on the Method" still teaches us 


The reason we don't feel so differently about life mottoes written by others or corporate philosophies of companies is because truth is the one and only thing that lies deep within diversity, and the specific ways to find truth are the four rules of Descartes' Methodology.


Indonesia Life

Increased flexibility with stretching brings peace of mind


The difference between stretching and yoga is the difference between whether the end goal is flexibility of the body or mental stability.


Indonesia Life

Why you should drink coconut juice in Indonesia


The balance between electrolytes and plasma (liquid component of blood) is almost the same as blood, so it is said that palm juice can be used instead of transfusion, and since it contains lauric acid which has antibacterial activity and cytokines which are proteins secreted by cells of immune system, it has the effect of maintaining skin tissue, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic (ability to prevent blood from clotting) by balancing the pH value of body fluids (index of hydrogen ion concentration in aqueous solution).


Indonesia Life

The word "theatrical" as conceived in Lombok, Indonesia


Lombok Island, only 50km east of Hindu Bali, is a Muslim cultural sphere, and Indonesia was dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism until the 15th century, and Islamized after the 15th century.