Indonesian History

Indonesian History

Anti-Communist symbolism, the Panchasila Sakti monument and the "Betrayal of the Communist Party" museum【The September 30 incident that changed the balance of power in politics】


The September 30 incident, an attempted coup d'état by the Indonesian Communist Party, upset the balance of power between the communist and nationalist forces that supported President Sukarno, and the Suharto regime after the March 11 political upheaval caused Indonesia to veer completely toward an anti-communist line.


Indonesian History

The Closing of the First McDonald's Store and the Historical Background of Sarinah Department Store【The Garuda Merchant, a classic novel about Indonesia】


Salina Department Store, named after the nanny of Indonesia's first president Sukarno, was Indonesia's first large department store chain. Japanese trading companies fought fiercely with the Japanese government and the Sukarno administration for the construction project, which was funded by a loan from Japan's post-war compensation provision.


Indonesian History

Which country did Indonesia get its independence from?


Today, August 17 (Saturday) is Indonesia's 74th Independence Day, and there will be commemorative ceremonies at public institutions and schools, the residential areas will be filled with a "Lomba Makan Kerupuk" competition, and drinks will be half-priced at Starbucks.


Indonesian History

Protests and riots over Indonesian presidential election results


After voting in Indonesia's presidential election last April 17 at polling stations TPS (Tempat Pemungutan Suara) across the country, a grueling ballot counting process that resulted in more than 500 deaths in about a month, the results of a quick count (a preliminary election based on exit polls) by research firms (Libang Kompas, Indo Barometer, LSI Denny JA, Median, Kedai Kopi) showed that current President Jokowi, supported by Indonesia's largest moderate Islamic organization NU (Nahdlatul 'Ulama), was expected to win more votes in East Java from Central Java, while Prabowo, supported by the radical FPI (Front Pembela Islam), was expected to win more votes in Sumatra from the more Islamic West Java.


Indonesian History

The old Kota district, which was home to the Dutch East India Company


Indonesia's tourist destinations include Bali, the "Island of the Gods" and Yogyakarta, the ancient capital of Central Java, but Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is a business city and it is often said that there is not much to see and do in Jakarta.


Indonesian History

The footprints of the old Japanese you'll see in Jakarta


Today is the last day of the Heisei era, and tomorrow will be the first year of the Reiwa era.


Indonesian History

A Review of Indonesian Political History Ahead of the 2019 General Election


First President Sukarno handed over power to Suharto after the September 30, 1965 incident and the March 11 incident; Vice President Habibi was elevated to the presidency in the wake of the social turmoil caused by the 1998 riots; the Democratic Party of Struggle became the leading party in the 1999 general elections under free party action, but President Wahid was elected president nominee was born.


Indonesian History

Buddhist Temple Ruins in Central Java, Borobudur


On the island of Java in Indonesia, Hindu and Buddhist dynasties flourished until the 15th century due to exchange with India, and after that, the exchange with the Arabs led to Islamization, while Borobudur was built during the Shailendra dynasty of the 8th-9th century, which worshipped Mahayana Buddhism.


Indonesian History

The word "theatrical" as conceived in Lombok, Indonesia


Lombok Island, only 50km east of Hindu Bali, is a Muslim cultural sphere, and Indonesia was dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism until the 15th century, and Islamized after the 15th century.

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