System Development Methodology for Indonesia


When I joined a banking system company as a fresh graduate in the 1990s, I had never thought why waterfall was suitable for system development.



The Possibility of RPA Business in Indonesia【Implemented by IT Companies, Not Users】


Some of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) currently used by Japanese IT companies in Jakarta include UiPath, Winactor and Kofax Kapow.
It is only an introduction as an automated tool for routine tasks, and the introduction of robotics, where AI (Artificial Intelligence) performs machine learning and makes decisions autonomously to perform specific processes using RPA, is still a long way off.


Business Environment Information

The more you go online, the more you can differentiate yourself offline.


The reason why a product that just happens to be a hit doesn't last until later is because you don't know why it sold, so you can't keep up with the changes of the times and don't know how to sell it next.



Display the same result in CASE expression, join JOIN and integrated UNION


The words "join" and "merge" are almost synonymous with each other in everyday life, but in SQL, join uses JOIN and merge uses UNION, and the results are different.

有料のCISCO WEBEXと無料のスカイプの違い


The Difference Between Paid Cisco WebEX and Free Skype


The minimum requirements for a web conferencing system is a set of four features: voice calling, video streaming via camera, desktop sharing, and chatting, and all of them are priced according to the number of connected PCs.



Is it justice to systemize Excel work?


If information is managed by Excel, the information is stored in separate files for each department and each person in charge, and the format and accuracy of the information may depend on the discretion of the person in charge. However, the argument that an immediate business system should be introduced is hasty, and there is even a possibility that a simple system that only imports the data and manages it centrally in a database while making use of the Excel operating ability of the staff who are familiar with it for many years is more cost effective.



What to do if the Sentinel Protector Driver is not recognized


When you plug a new device into a USB port on your PC, such as an external hard drive, a USB stick, or a USB receiver for a wireless mouse, Windows will usually automatically recognize the device and try to install a matching device driver.



Reasons for system replacement and the problem of cost performance


There are two main reasons why Japanese companies in Indonesia ask us to replace their systems: aging or functional constraints.



How to write a batch file was and still is the same


A batch file is a text file with the bat extension, which has existed since the days of the old Dos, and it is used to call a batch file to run a process to be executed by the Windows shell (command prompt).



Visualization, sharing and systematization of goods and software through IoT


About 10 years ago, the word "ubiquitous" was used to describe "a society where users can use computers, networks, etc., anytime, anywhere without being aware of it".
Recently, the term "IoT" has been changed to "IoT" and is now being implemented in real-world devices, and there are some familiar examples here and there in Indonesia.



Will IoTization make it unnecessary to spend time understanding the nature of the business?


As IoT progresses and things are connected to the Internet, and the transcription of events in the real three-dimensional world into the two-dimensional world of books is fully automated, will humans no longer need to spend time understanding the nature of their work?

Oracleスキーマを操作するSQL PlusコマンドとOracleパラメータファイル


SQL Plus commands and Oracle parameter files to manipulate the Oracle schema


Oracle's schema objects mainly consist of the following objects Packages, procedures and functions can be called from other Oracle objects (e.g. SQL Plus) and user applications (e.g. VB).



Level of information quality


The sharing of visible results leads to a common recognition of the problems, but if there are people who are troubled because the scarcity of information is diminished by the increasing sharing, the political power to increase the position by monopolizing useful information is at work.



A null that says nothing exists and an empty character and zero that doesn't exist where it should exist.


NULL means "nothing exists", which is not the same thing as zero or an empty letter means "not existing where it could exist". I think the analogy of a lost child being NULL and a homeless person being a zero or empty letter is correct.



Thinking about Indonesia from an innovator's perspective


The innovator theory is a famous analytical method of marketing theory, but it was already systematized in 1962, more than 50 years ago in the United States.

Database Configuration AsistantによるOracleインスタンス作成手順


Procedures for creating an Oracle instance with Database Configuration Asistant


In this case, it is usually OK to use the Global DB name=SID, which is an identifier to distinguish between them when building multiple instances.



Internal Control and IT Compliance


In order to check the appropriateness of financial statements, it is essential to check the slips as evidence of business operation. However, it is not possible to check all the huge amount of slips, so it is good to be able to confirm that the data of the business system is flowing properly, and it is good to be able to confirm that the approval function of the system is functioning properly.

Oracle 11g R2のインストール手順を粛々とまとめてみた


Summary of the Oracle 11g R2 installation process.


These two DBs are like Musashi and Kojiro, and every time the version goes up, the function comparison has been done, but recently it seems that it is called "Oracle for search, SQLServer for update".



The work of introducing business systems


System introduction is the standardization of business, and it can be said that the easier it is to standardize the business, the easier it is to systemize. However, in general, Indonesians consider systemization to be automation, and they have a strong conservative tendency to want to systemize the current business as it is, so they explain that systemization is the process of standardizing the results of improving the current business.



External and Internal Combinations with SQL


LEFT JOIN extracts all the left table and joins the records in the right table if the outer join condition below ON is met on this basis, and INNER JOIN is the same as WHERE and joins the records only if the inner join condition below ON is met in both tables.

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