Barcode Control


Barcode Control

Introduction of QR code management system using smart phones to the business system


Although data collection by reading barcodes and QR has been used in the development and introduction of business systems in the past, we have been recommending QR code management with a smartphone to customers who consider introducing on-site terminals at manufacturing sites and warehouses in the past few years.


Barcode Control

Warehouse management system using a handy terminal


Inventory management using barcodes, which is a common practice in Japanese warehouses, is still being considered by many Japanese companies in Indonesia.


Barcode Control

Picking list for cross-checking the item lot information on the actual product label at the time of shipment


When a customer in the manufacturing industry once asked us to install only an inventory management system, we decided to make it possible to issue slips by inputting delivery requests from the system, since there is not much difference between the current Excel management system and the receiving/issuing function alone.


Barcode Control

Barcode reader, handheld terminal and wireless handheld terminal


Basically, it connects to a PC with a USB cable (RS232C in the old days), but the type that pairs with a PC via Bluetooth is called a Bluetooth scanner or a Wireless scanner.


Barcode Control

Fixed asset management system and mold management system depreciation management functions


Losses and Shrinkage are charged to SG&A before they enter the plant and are converted to production costs at the time they enter the plant.


Barcode Control

Points to Implement a Fixed Asset Management System in Indonesia


When depreciating fixed assets, the straight-line method (Straight-line method) reduces the initial cost burden and generates profits quickly, while the declining balance method (declining balance method) reduces profits and saves tax by expensing them earlier.


Barcode Control

Development of an attendance and payroll system in Indonesia


In Indonesia, the most common type of time card (kartu absensi) is the one that is stamped with the time of arrival and departure by pushing the time card (called "absen"), but there is also a type that data is written into the memory with a click and can be exported as a CSV file via USB.


Barcode Control

Barcode management of the piece slips, linking the system to the piece by lot number


If it's a product like food that has months to go through the supply chain and into the marketplace before its expiration date, then lot control is probably essential, but if it's a product that has a short manufacturing lead time and the product delivered is used immediately by the customer, then what's the point of having lot control on the system, really I think it's best to consider whether lot control is necessary on the system before making a decision.