Business Environment

Business Environment

Brand Strategy of McDonald's Indonesia【Shifting from a location strategy to an emphasis on online ordering】


McDonald's, which has been adopting a brand strategy tailored to Indonesian lifestyles, has been forced to shift its business model from focusing on attracting purchasing power in stores to focusing on online ordering in response to the impact of restrictions on eating out due to the implementation of PSBB (Public Safety Board Border Security Bureau) restrictions following the spread of the new corona virus.

Business Environment

HokBen's brand strategy【Thoroughly localize the Japanese food that is part of Japanese culture】


Hoka Hoka Bento, born under the name and technical support of the Japanese "Hoka Hoka Bento", expanded its visibility throughout Indonesia through the development of its own menu and localization strategy, before being renamed to "HokBen" as a brand strategy based on advice from consumers.

Business Environment

J.CO Doughnuts' brand strategy【Imitation of Starbucks' concept of a third place】


Indonesia's J.CO doughnuts have grown rapidly due to a brand strategy that mimics Starbucks' notion of a third place for the urban upper-middle class, while still conforming to the overall Southeast Asian culture where common people hang out and talk to roadside stalls.

Business Environment

Strategy and tactics in a situation where the future is uncertain【Backward and Forward Orientation】


In a business environment like Indonesia's, where laws and regulations change frequently and the balance of power can be shaken in an instant as latecomer rivals gain market share through the power of capital, the strategy in the big picture may be thought of as backward-oriented, but in a situation where the future development is uncertain, tactics must be formulated with a forward orientation.

Business Environment

Impact on commercial buildings as a result of the re-implemented PSBB (large scale social restrictions)【In-mall tenants or freestanding stores】


Jakarta's PSBB (Large Scale Social Restrictions) to prevent the spread of corona infection in Jakarta has caused the restaurant business to deteriorate. The difference is that commercial facility-type stores have high fixed costs to the extent that they can be expected to attract customers from the mall itself, while roadside stores have all the costs of attracting customers themselves, but the fixed costs are less expensive.

Business Environment

What kind of leadership is needed in an Indonesian organization?【Six blind men describe the elephant.】


There are different assessments of Jakarta's decision to cancel and re-enforce the transition period through PSBB (large scale social restriction) mitigation, but things are evaluated differently depending on how you look at it or think about it, and it is leadership that acknowledges the different assessments as correct and leads everyone to move towards a common goal.

Business Environment

The Possibility of Online Houseplant Sales Business【Potential demand is high due to the urbanization of Indonesian life】


Houseplant cultivation is booming among Indonesians who have been spending more time at home due to the corona crisis. The Indonesian government is working to identify potential EC registered businesses through local infrastructure development and information literacy education, and local growers are using the EC to expand their sales channels.

Business Environment

Resource Recycling Business in Indonesia【Making microbial organic fertilizer from household food waste】


In Indonesia, efforts to recycle food waste from the dinner table are being made to establish a basis for the residents' livelihoods by supporting the development of new products and the launch of new businesses, with a view to creating an eco-system that can be passed on to the next generation's children.

Business Environment

The closure of, operated by state-owned Telkom【Pivot strategy to change the course of business policy】


Indonesia Telecom has taken a pivot strategy to close down its online marketplace and change its business course to focus on developing a platform for building a business ecosystem that promotes micro-enterprise participation in e-commerce and solves social challenges across industries.

Business Environment

The tactic of older people fighting the young as equals【The transition from the authentic to the technical school】


Just as a pitcher who is an orthodox pitcher with a straight line when he is young can turn to a technical pitcher who plays with slow and fast tempo when he becomes a veteran and loses his muscle strength, so too, in the business world, older people who are outclassed by young people in terms of passion and courage have no choice but to systematize their knowledge based on their experience and use techniques to create a winning pattern.

Business Environment

Choosing between face-to-face visits and web conferencing under the new way of life【Extending the transition period to a safe, healthy and productive society for the fourth time】


What you get from a real visit and not from a web conference is the story of talking to the other person in the field, walking around the site, having a meeting, and leaving, and with the advancement of online technology, that difference will dissolve, and the only thing left may be a matter of heart that is not directly related to satisfaction, satisfaction, or job performance.

Business Environment

The process of linking new information and fragmented memories


When building a website, we decide on a target persona, but in the case of this blog, the ideal persona is "people in a position close to me = people who work in relation to Indonesia", and as a result of linking information and memories, we can see the context (background) of the event.

Business Environment

Electronic payment methods as an open platform


Smartphone app-based e-money in Indonesia has a history of growth as a means of payment on application platforms, and in a market where bank account ownership is low but smartphone penetration is high, there is room for future expansion of e-payment services as an open platform.

Business Environment

A health-conscious strategy deployed by a local drink-based startup【Jamu, Indonesia's leading medical drink】


As public attention has focused on the importance of boosting the body's immune system to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, a local drinks startup is offering a variation of the traditional medicinal drink Jamu, made with turmeric, tumlawak and kuntur.

Business Environment

Telecom Group unblocks Netflix【video-on-demand service spreads in Indonesia】


With the Telecom Group lifting its block on Netflix, we expect Netflix's penetration into Indonesia to expand rapidly by promoting video-on-demand to Telkomsel subscribers and Indihome's fixed broadband line subscribers.

Business Environment

Bringing Indonesian Lifestyles Online【Building a Business Ecosystem for the Entire Corporate Group】


The telecom business ecosystem is about addressing social issues on a group-wide basis and building a new business platform using digital technology while leveraging telecom's existing online connectivity infrastructure.

Business Environment

E-Payment by Electronic Money in Indonesia


The benefits of smartphone payments for small and medium-sized businesses are shorter payment times, no change is required, transaction history is automatically recorded to help manage the books, and you don't have to go to the bank to save sales, and GoPay is trying to increase the number of micro-business partners across Indonesia.

Business Environment

Cloud Kitchen in Indonesia


GoJek and Grab's Cloud Kitchen is a business that takes orders for delivery on a smartphone app, with no in-store dining space and no takeaway, and it's a business model that includes the possibility of supporting self-reliance by providing small-scale restaurant operators and housewives with the opportunity to start a business with little capital.

Business Environment

Gojek lays off 430 employees as GoLife business closes


With the corona disaster limiting GoLife's physical contact services, GoJek has shifted to a strategy of selection and concentration to focus on three businesses - transportation, food delivery and e-money - but while the benefits of maximizing business value and reducing costs are said to be significant, the losses of misjudging long-term demand are said to be significant.


Business Environment

Real Seminars and Online Seminars in Post-Corona Disaster Indonesia【short, casual sessions focused on a theme】


The biggest advantage of webinars over real-world seminars is their ease of use, but there is also the possibility that similar webinars by other companies in the same industry will be held at the same time, so we believe that webinars will be held more often with shorter, more focused themes to avoid duplication of content at the same time.

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