Business Environment

Business Environment

Individuals and companies in Indonesia's response to the corona pandemic


As of August 8, the total number of people infected with the new corona virus in Indonesia exceeded 120,000 and more than 2,000 new cases have been confirmed every day.

Business Environment

Competition to attract a production base with Vietnam


Indonesia recorded its first negative quarterly growth since 1999, as consumption and investment declined due to the action restrictions implemented by provincial governments and a reduction in business activity as a result of the Corona scare, which was more than the negative 5.08% predicted in advance by Finance Minister Sri Mulyani.

Business Environment

The process of linking new information and fragmented memories


This site uses a content management system (CMS) called WordPress, which was originally released in 2003 by the CEO of an American company called Automatic, and has grown to the point where it is said that 37% of the world's web is now built using WordPress.

Business Environment

Electronic payment methods as an open platform


As of May 2020, there are 13 types of electronic money licensed by Bank Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) in the form of chip-based contactless IC cards, such as Mandiri e-money and BCA Flazz, and 47 types of server-based smartphone apps, such as GoPay and OVO.

Business Environment

E-Payment by Electronic Money in Indonesia


The first full-fledged smartphone dispatch app to be available in Indonesia was Uber, which expanded from the US in August 2014, followed by motorbike taxi GrabRide in November 2014, but it's still fresh in our minds that the home-grown GoJek app was launched in 2015 and quickly increased its visibility and market share with that shocking "10,000 rupiah for a ride anywhere" campaign.

Business Environment

Cloud Kitchen in Indonesia


Cloud Kitchens (Satellite Kitchens) are businesses where restaurants without Eat In (Dine In) space or Take Away (Take Away) take orders and deliver them on a smartphone app.

Business Environment

Gojek lays off 430 employees as GoLife business closes


In the wake of the new corona, car-dispatch giant Gojek has announced that it will close GoClean, where you can order cleaning, ironing and car washing, and GoMassage, where you can order in-home massages, on July 27, and lay off 430 employees, or about 9% of its workforce (PHK = Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja).


Business Environment

Brand and technical skills required for doing business in Indonesia


After the Jakarta riots of 1998, when the rupiah plummeted and domestic companies with foreign dollar-denominated debt were struggling to pay interest, I was looking for a new business in Indonesia that would allow me to earn foreign currency.


Business Environment

What's important in business for the Indonesian local market.


There are already many consulting companies that can help you expand your business in Indonesia, so it is relatively easy for a company or an individual who has no knowledge of Indonesia to start a business in Indonesia.


Business Environment

A strategy based on a competition for cheap sales


I came to Indonesia for the first time in October 1997. I didn't understand Indonesian, my job was hard, the people around me were unreasonable, and there was a time when I wanted to go back to Japan for a while.


Business Environment

System Integration Industry in Indonesia


The other day, I had the opportunity to exchange opinions with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) about IT investment by Indonesian SMEs, and they raised an important issue related to the existence value of system integrators, such as "How can we explain the cost benefits of system investment?


Business Environment

Survival strategies for doing business in Indonesia in the future


After living in Indonesia, talking to people on my own, and gradually understanding the local situation, I realized that starting a business in Indonesia is surprisingly difficult. The reason for the difficulty is the high shipping costs and tariffs, the competition from local companies, and the high running costs of IMTA and DPKK.


Business Environment

Business Development of Japanese Companies in Indonesia


If Japan's population continues to decline at the current rate, domestic demand will continue to shrink, and if this happens, it is inevitable that domestic companies that find it difficult to survive in the Japanese domestic market alone will look for ways to make a living in overseas markets.


Business Environment

Labor-intensive, contract-to-order format in Indonesia is not bad


Considering the premise of Going Concern as a going concern, whether the business environment in Indonesia is getting better or worse, I believe that labor-intensive businesses that leverage the relative value of man-hours should not be abandoned.


Business Environment

Operational efficiency gains and wealth redistribution made possible by Indonesia's car-dispatch app


Online app-based dispatch businesses such as GO-JEK and Grab have not only cleanly revamped Ojek's traditional image, but have also redistributed wealth by creating jobs through diversification of services such as shopping representation, business trip massages and cleaning services.


Business Environment

Why business systems sell in Thailand but not in Indonesia


In Thailand, the IT market is mature and there is a strong tendency to focus more on the benefits to be gained than on the burden of IT implementation, and since it is easy to uncover needs for any product, it is easy to get inquiries.


Business Environment

Time machine business between Japan and Indonesia became difficult.


I think that Yoshinoya overcame the frame of Japanese food and became Indonesian soul food. I am happy to see the scene where Japanese food culture is accepted by Indonesian people.


Business Environment Information

The more you go online, the more you can differentiate yourself offline.


The reason why a product that just happens to be a hit doesn't last until later is because you don't know why it sold, so you can't keep up with the changes of the times and don't know how to sell it next.


Business Environment

Fares and bonuses for GO-JEK drivers in Indonesia


GO-JEK's income consists of 80% of the ride fare plus a bonus from GO-JEK, but the bonus structure has changed by the corollary, and the driver's bonus used to be Rp 100,000 for 10 points (60 km), but as of August 2016, it has dropped to Rp 100,000 for 14 points.


Business Environment

The Impact of the Odd and Even System on Uber and Traditional Taxis


Traditional taxis (Taxi Conventional) are being pushed by the online app-based dispatch business (Transportasi berbasis aplikasi online), but there are advantages such as being unaffected during odd-even regulation and no booking cancellation fees.