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Everyone knows what it means to keep arowana in Indonesia



Red-tailed Golden Dragon and Red Dragon, the representative arowana of Indonesia

If you go around the industrial parks in the suburbs of Jakarta, you can sometimes see a factory that raises arowana on its doorstep, but arowana is often seen as a dragon among Chinese-Indonesians and is bred as a fish that brings good luck.


The Golden Red's swimming mix is spectacular.

I am an aquarist who used to keep more than 10 arowana in Bali, so I would be interested in having an arowana aquarium in the client factory I visit, but the other day at a factory, the large aquarium where I had seen the magnificent arowana, which was over 80cm in size, swimming leisurely, was empty and only air bubbles were bubbling up. I wonder if he's dead.

Arowana are roughly divided into Asian and South American groups, with Indonesia's Super Red (Red Dragon), which is the pride of the world, being a large tropical fish with red scales that is a good omen.

I have a black history of buying 4 super red (9cm) at 6juta and raising them up to 15cm in length, but they were died by air rationing trouble due to power outage.

The pricey super reds have been with a high risk of accidental death, so I collected nine relatively inexpensive red-tailed golden of one 2juta and and watched with a grin as their scales glowed with a light golden glow that made them look like they were wearing gold armor.

The magical power of arowana.

It is said that keeping nine arowanas in one tank will bring you the greatest amount of money, and I followed the legend faithfully for six years, but unfortunately I did not find any money.

In the more universal relationship between humans and living things, I think it is a primitive and interesting research subject that humans give meaning to specific living things in a more universal way.

It was a pair of male and female freshwater stingrays from South America called Motoro that I kept besides the arowana, and I was surprised that three small mini stingrays suddenly multiplied one morning though I was separated to another tank because the male has a bad habit of biting fiercely to the female easily in heat.


I woke up in the morning and there was a baby stingray born.

Because a child suddenly comes out one day after a female hatches an egg on her back and raises a child for a while in the case of a stingray, the word of childbirth is more suitable.

The big one was the mother, with a diameter of about 40cm of pelvis, and the child was about 15cm, and the other one was a premature baby, skinny and pale, but unfortunately she died on the second day of her life and the carcass was eaten clean by the mother's rays.

It is a fish that is round, the mouth is charming, and it is cute, but it has a poisonous needle in the tail, and if it is stung, it does not become a joke, so it is necessary to be careful when you exchange water and feed it.

When I went to Bali the other day, I felt that the way of business has changed so much that it is not possible to survive in Bali as it used to be.

The old furniture and general store will disappear, the cargo that exports them will disappear, and a fashionable and larger leisure facility will be built on the site...

At that time, I thought crickets, frogs and centipedes were ungrateful that they didn't bring me any money even though I had spent time, money and effort to secure raw food.

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